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    Amber, a human hair wig with highlights you'll love. This gorgeous transparent glueless wig has a beautiful undetectable hairline made with ethically sourced premium 100% remy virgin human hair for top quality.  The balayage hair color wig has a breathable wig cap that offers the ultimate comfort.  The cuticle-intact strands are individually knotted to the lace cap, providing security and natural movement. This Long-Length wavy wig has a top lace part that gives the illusion of a scalp.

    Product Details
    FLW -Sn231-GL
    Model Color
    Auburn_Highlights_Balayage - AHB2
    Model Length
    20 inches
    Texture Appearance
    Straight - Silky
    Texture Behavior
    Texture needs restyling after washing
    Styling Time
    7 minutes Daily
    Processing Time
    15 Days

    Specific References

    flwsn231cs18-RIGHT PART
    • As Pictured
    • Black - Natural Black
    • Brown - Chocolate
    • Brown_Highlights_Balayage - BRHB2
    • Auburn #3
    • Auburn - #4
    • Brown - Mocha
    • Brown _Ombre - BR03
    • Brown_Highlights_Ombre - BRHO14
    • Brown _Ombre - BR04
    • Brown_Ombre - BRO7
    • Brown_Highlights - BRH9
    • Brown_Highlights - BRH#30
    • Brown_Highlights_Balayage - BRHB1
    • Brown_Highlights_Balayage - BRHB3
    • Auburn - #30
    • Auburn_Highlights - A1
    • Auburn_Highlights_Balayage - AHB2
    • Blonde - #3
    • Blonde - #4
    • Blonde - #6
    • Blonde - #7
    • Blonde - #8
    • Blonde - #9
    • Blonde_Ombre - BO1
    • Blonde_Ombre_Highlights - BOH1
    • Blonde_Ombre_Highlights - BOH2
    • Blonde_Ombre_Highlights - BOH3
    • As Pictured
    • (S) 10 inch
    • (S) 12 inch
    • (S) 14 inch
    • (S) 16 inches
    • (S) 18 inches
    • (S) 20 inches
    • (S) 22 inches
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    Enjoy Naturally Blonde Hair Without Dying Your Own

    A chic choice, our strawberry blonde, human hair, glueless wigs feature natural highlights. Pair it with our comfortable and versatile glueless cap and you can style it in many different ways. Whether you want to wear it pinned up in elegant curls for a special event or you want to wear it down, this lace front, human hair wig feels as beautiful as it looks.

    How We Create Our Glueless Transparent Lace  Wig

    When we collect the real hair for our glueless HD lace wigs from our reliably sourced donors, it usually arrives naturally straight and in a classic, brown color. To create our glueless transparent lace front wig, we section the hair and apply our color mix thoroughly using a brush, starting from the back of the human hair wig and working our way up to the front. During this process, we avoid any application to the base of the hair in order to keep the hand-tied knots at the crown of the head secure and eliminate any potential for over-processing or shedding.

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    What are the Benefits of a Glueless Transparent Lace Front Wig?

    The main benefit of the glueless transparent lace front wig is the range of versatility it offers when it comes to styling your human hair wig. Messy buns and ponytails are easier to pull off with this lace cap design. This hand-tied front ensures natural movement of the hair as well as your ability to part it in any direction.

    How do you install a glueless wig?

    Glueless Wigs are typically applied with a wig grip band to better secure your wig in place.

    To use our velvet wig grip band, all you have to do is follow these 6 easy steps:

    1. Begin by placing the center of the wig grip on your head with the Velcro facing away from your scalp.
    2. Secure the Velcro in the back of your head so that the wig grip fits firmly, but not too tight. After all, comfort is the goal.
    3. Next, pull your wig over your head by lining it up with the front of your forehead and then stretch it over the rest of your head.
    4. Then, adjust as needed. If the wig feels either a little loose or too tight, remove it and adjust the strap for a more comfortable fit.
    5. Run your fingertips around the hairline of your wig cap to ensure that none of your edge hairs are caught between your scalp and the cap.
    6. Make small adjustments, lining up the edges of the cap to give the most natural appearance.

    How to Keep Your Blonde, Human Hair Wig Luminous

    When your blonde wig arrives at your home, it will be ready to wear straight out of the box. Glueless transparent lace front wigs are quite versatile, but keep in mind that a blonde wig requires a special commitment to hydration to maintain its vibrancy and soft feel. If you intend to wear your wig regularly, you will want to wash it at least once a month and then allow it to air dry.

    Maintaining the moisture and color retention of your human hair wig is simple with products from Bed Head like their Color Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner. Infused with sweet almond oil that adds a micro-layer of water-repelling agents to the hair without feeling heavy, the indulgent formula contains nourishing shea butter, vitamin E, and keratin for healthy-looking hair that lasts.

    Product Details

    FLW -Sn231-GL

    Data sheet

    Model Color
    Auburn_Highlights_Balayage - AHB2
    Model Length
    20 inches
    Texture Appearance
    Straight - Silky
    Texture Behavior
    Texture needs restyling after washing
    Styling Time
    7 minutes Daily
    Processing Time
    15 Days

    Specific References

    flwsn231cs18-RIGHT PART

    Proper Cleaning and Care Tips for your Human Hair Wig

    Detangle Gently

    Gently remove tangles using a Wet Brush Shower Detangler

    , working gradually from the ends to the root of the hair.

    Combb the wig and hair extensions


    shampoo human hair wig

    Warning: Shampoo should not be applied directly to the wig base. When product build-up accumulates, the knots of the hair system becomes fragile which causes excessive shedding.


    • Place three tablespoons of Shampoo in a bowl or sink
    • Add lukewarm water until the bowl or sink is half full.
    • Gently mix the water and shampoo.


    • Wash: Gently dip the system in the water, take it out, and repeat four times.
    • Drain: The shampoo water; refill the bowl with clean lukewarm water.
    • Rinse: Dip the wavy wig in the water until there are no traces of shampoo and the water is clear

    Condition Your Human Hair Lace Wig

    bio slik hair shampoo recommendation

    Drying your Human Hair Wig

    • Gently pat and press the wig with a soft microfiber towel to remove excess water.
    • Refrain from rubbing and twisting the tresses.

    • Place the system on a Styrofoam head
    • Allow to air dry



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