Wigs for Beginners: How to Buy Your First Wig

The celebrated Egyptian ruler, Cleopatra, is likely to have worn a thick plaited ceremonial wig when she wanted to look her best. It was encrusted with gold and turquoise and crowned with a snake diadem. It covered her simple hairstyle which was wound into a bun.

Now, there are a lot of wig choices out there, but you don't have to be overwhelmed by them. We offer a step by step guide to help you buy your first wig. Read on to learn more about how to buy wigs for beginners.

The Language of Wigs for Beginners

There are several new terms for you to learn when buying a wig for the first time. These relate to the construction method and features of the wig.

A "monofilament top" wig is the most popular type and this creates the illusion of a natural parting. "Wefted" wigs have pre-teased roots and this lifts the hair.

A "lace front" means you can have a natural looking hairline with hair styled away from your face. "100% hand tied" means each hair moves independently and allows styling in any direction.

What Style to Go For?

What are the best wigs for beginners? You may prefer to choose one that most reflects your natural hair. The familiarity of your natural look but with the convenience of a wig will build your confidence.

There is, of course, an unlimited range of options available. Different colors, styles, textures, and lengths can mean your next purchase can be more adventurous.

Get Fitted

Our heads are not all the same size. There are different size wigs and a wig can also be adjusted with up to an inch of tightening available to suit your head.

Having a professional fitting can be helpful when you are having your first wig. Alternatively, many online websites have useful sizing guides. You will get to know what a well-fitting wig feels like on your head.

Real or Synthetic?

A human-hair wig looks more natural and allows you to style the hair in different ways including parting it. They can be cut and styled almost like a natural head of hair. They can be washed but will take up to 24 hours to dry fully.

A synthetic wig has a less natural look and feel. They need a special shampoo but dry in about 6 hours. They are generally cheaper than a natural hair wig.

You Can Have Your Wig Styled

Just because you have a wig doesn't mean you can't have it styled at the salon. A wig made from human hair can be styled and even cut just like you do with your own normal hair. Having a cut and style can make the wig suit your face and your unique personal style.

More, More, More

Once you have mastered wigs for beginners you are ready for more. You will have a little more understanding and confidence about how to buy a wig. You are ready for your second wig.

A second wig means you have something to wear when washing your first wig. It also gives you options for additional styles or colors. Chose a similar wig as a substitute or push the boat out and go for something dramatic.

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