Wig Care: How to Prevent Shedding on Your Lace Wig

Kylie Jenner is a wig fanatic sometimes wearing three wigs in one day. Instead of the repeated styling of her own hair, she creates completely different looks by wearing a new wig. This preserves her own hair from styling damage and keeps the paparazzi fascinated.

Looking good in your wig is about proper care of your wig. Following proper wig care steps is important for making your wigs last. Read on to learn how to prevent or minimize shedding on your lace wig.

Knot Sealer

Knot sealer is a product designed to seal the knots that secure the hair to the lace of your wig. It comes in a small spray bottle. Use it every time you wash your wig.

Wash your wig in the normal way. Let it dry completely and turn it inside out. Spray the sealer on the lace and make sure the knot sealer has completely dried before wearing the wig.

Be Gentle with Your Wig

It is common to see people scratching their head through their wig. This is potentially damaging to the wig and is a cause of shedding. Never scratch your head while wearing your wig.

If your scalp is itching try patting or tapping your head. Distract yourself by focusing on a task or your surroundings. If the itch is too much to bear, take off your wig and wash your own hair and scalp with a shampoo with anti-itching properties.

Comb or Brush Up

When you comb or brush your wig it is tempting to treat it like natural hair. This is not how to brush a wig. Don't brush the wig from the top to the bottom.

Brush your wig from the bottom up and hold the hair at the top so the knots are not pulled. Only comb your wig when it is dry and do it thoroughly. This is how to care for a wig and keep it in good condition for a long life.

Use Wig Hair Care Products

Using the correct wig care products will also extend the life of your wig and prevent shedding of hairs. Don't use alcohol-based products as they are damaging. Check descriptions and formulations on the containers of any products you buy.

Moisturize your wig. Regularly doing this means it looks good and lasts too. Buy moisturizing products that are made especially for wigs.

Wash and Dry Properly

A regular routine of caring for your wig includes washing it. Start by cleaning any glue from your wig. Don't ever let this build up as it damages your wig.

Detangle and comb the wig. Wash it gently and thoroughly and rinse it well. Condition and towel dry it.

It is best if you can air dry your wig after washing. If you have to dry it more quickly don't use a heat setting on your hairdryer. Set it on cool and be gentle.

Sleeping with Your Wig

If you want to keep your wig in the best condition don't sleep in it. Rubbing it will likely damage it. If you have to rest your head while wearing your wig use a scarf to reduce any friction.

Wig Care

Follow these wig care guidelines to extend the life of your wig. It will reduce shedding and keep it looking at its best. When your wig looks good, so do you.

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