Why Do European Wigs Cost So Much?

European wigs can cost you from 800-4,000 dollars. You may be asking yourself why they such expensive wigs? Is it really worth the price tag?

To learn why they are so expensive, and if you want to put forward that kind of money, keep reading.

1. Texture

European hair is fine in texture but it's really strong and healthy. The texture and appearance of the hair does depend on its origin.

The best human hair comes from Russia, Turkey, and Eastern Europe. It's because of this amazing texture that the life on these wigs is long.

2. Fashion Elements

Some of the worlds most revered hair stylists and wig designers put their work into these wigs.

The finest fashion elements are incorporated into each wig with a huge consideration for the smallest of details.

It is this consideration for details that make these wigs so uneasy on the wallet. You pay for what you get, and in this case, it's high-quality fashion.

3. Quality Of The Caps

The quality doesn't end with the hair, but also the caps in which they are made on. They are mainly attached to caps and skin tops that are made out of mono-filaments, silicone, and silk fabric.

Most other wigs can't compete with the quality of these caps. They add the long-lasting factor back in.

4. They Can Be Styled

European wigs are fairly easy to style any way that you want. They can be customized to meet your specific specifications just like a normal haircut at the salon.

The wig will look and feel real even to the most observant person. It will even move like your real hair.

Why is European hair so soft and easy to style? It's because they come from natural hair that's never been colored and has kept its original texture.

5. Color

Women in Eastern Europe use significantly less hair dye product than people in the United States. It's because of this that their hair stays so healthy and strong.

The hair made from these wigs are rare and are able to look completely natural in any shade available.

Speaking of the shades available you have choices between medium blonde to dark brown. Blonde and light brown hair are much more rare, which causes that price tag to go up quite a bit.

Once you've bought your wig, they can be annoying to install. If you can't figure it out, our blog has you covered.

6. Why Are These Such Expensive Wigs

These are expensive wigs because of the quality of the hair used to make them. They've never been colored so they have all their original strength and texture.

Buying a European wig is an investment, the pay off is a very long lasting wig that you'll be able to use for years.

We mentioned before that they are easy to style. This is true, but you need to be able to find the right brush to use. Here are a few ways to choose.

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