Why are Ombre Hair Styles and Wigs Still So Popular?

Ombre hair came into the mainstream some years back and was quickly adopted by celebrities and influencers. The trend hit so hard, it's been seen on everyone from Blake Lively to Beyonce.

Many saw the ombre explosion as a quick fad or trend that wasn't built to last. And yet, ombre styled hair has remained a stylish and go-to look for many women. Many celebrities in Hollywood are still rocking the hairdo today.

What about ombre hair color has made it such an enduring trend? Read on as we investigate why ombre hair and wigs remain so popular.

Why Go Ombre?

If you haven't gone down the ombre path yourself yet, let us explain its value. Ombre literally translates to "shaded" in English and the chic gradient look it produces has many benefits. Seen together, these might be why the 'do has been able to stick around and remain popular for so long.

It's A Low Maintenance Hairstyle

Compared to a number of other hair-dying techniques, ombre is fairly low maintenance, especially if one goes from darker roots to lighter ends. If a woman has her roots as close to her natural hair color as possible, then there should be no need to keep re-dying as the hair grows out.

Even if one is attempting to have dramatically lighter hair at the end of their ombre than their natural color, this is still recommended. Drew Barrymore, for example, has rocked an ombre that goes from dark brown to light blonde, but it works because of the gradual transition in color.

It's An Easy Way To Grow Out Your Roots

This might feel obvious, given that the ombre look is intended to look like you're growing out your roots. But the look is so on trend now, that many women go for this look without considering this added benefit.

Ombre actually makes dialing down your hair-coloring budget easy, and keeps you looking stylish and trendy in the process.

Ombre Hair Can Make You Look Younger

Many celebrities reach for the ombre look because it helps to give them a youthful look and feel. In some ways, the hairdo is an anti-aging secret all on its own. How so?

Ombre hair actually mimics the look of childhood hair. You probably recall getting so much sun in the summer that your hair would lighten dramatically. Ombre mimics this look, and the contrast and vibrancy can give a youthful and fun look to anyone who wears it.

Ombre Hair And Wigs

The ombre hairstyle has remained popular for years after it initially blew up the scene and the above reasons why speak to its lasting power.

It's the perfect hairdo to match the summer vibes or to make you stand out and shine in the winter months. And best of all, it looks good on just about anyone.

Check out our selection of ombre wigs and see which one might be right for you.

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