What to Look For What to Look For When Purchasing a Human Hair WigWhen Purchasing a Human Hair Wig

You change up your makeup and clothing look every day. Why not change your hair to match?

It was once taboo to admit you wore a wig. This fear and shame are quickly disappearing as evidenced by the wig market growing by 5.6% every year since 2011.

Ready to try some new tresses but not sure where to start? Human hair wigs will give you the most realistic look. Use our guide to help you get started.

Human Hair Wig, Not Quite

Do you know how food manufacturers use the word "natural" to sell you food that isn't quite organic? Well, "natural" means the hair is real, but probably not human.

Before you buy a "real hair" or "natural hair" wig you should check what exactly the hair is. Some wigs use yak hair, which has a similar feel to human hair.

Remy Hair

Human hair has three layers, the medulla, cortex, and cuticle. The medulla is the core. The Cortex is the keratin and protein layer wrapped around the medulla.

The cuticle is the outer layer. This layer is actually a layer of cells that sit overlapping like roof shingles.

Remy hair aligns the wig hair so that the cuticles all point downward. This is the most protective for the hair and the way it naturally lays when it grows from your head.

These wigs last the longest and look the best. You will achieve the most natural shine and styling from these wigs.

Non-Remy Hair

These wigs have human hair, but the cuticles can point in both directions. To address this the hair goes through a chemical treatment to remove the cuticle layer.

The hair then gets a silicone coating to protect it. The advantage is that this treated hair is easier to color. The downside is that they are easier to damage.

Virgin Hair

Often the term "Remy" and "virgin" get used interchangeably. This is an incorrect use of terminology.

Virgin hair means the hair is totally free from chemicals. This includes bleaching, perms, relaxers, and dye.

Virgin hair is almost always Remy, but Remy hair is not always virgin. You could buy a Remy wig that has been dyed, permed, or relaxed.

Choosing Your High-Quality Human Hair Wig

When shopping for a human hair wig the first thing you should do is confirm that you are looking at real human hair. Once you know the wigs are human hair, you need to decide which type of wig you want.

Remy wigs are the highest quality human hair wigs and most durable. You are also going to pay top dollar.

Non- Remy hair wigs are going to be friendly on your wallet. They won't last as long or hold dye as well though. If you like to change your look often, then these wigs are great for rotational use.

Virgin hair is ideal for someone planning on putting the wig hair through heavy processing. Typical wig hair goes through chemical processing, so virgin hair is perfect to provide a blank canvas for your look.

Check out our journal for more tips and tricks to get started wearing wigs.

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