What Are the Best Wigs for African-American Women?

It seems everyone has a wig line these days, Kylie Jenner, Vivica Fox, and Erica Campbell are a few. Don't let a famous name sway you into buying a subpar wig.

In a 346 million dollar industry, you have the ability to choose from a wide variety of the best wigs. Look for a 100% human hair wig with chemical-free processing.

These high-quality wigs let you style and color for a custom look. We've selected three of the best real hair wigs for African American women.

Synthetic v. Human Hair

Real human hair creates the most natural looking wigs. The movement and shine are softer than what a synthetic wig can achieve.

Look for virgin hair as this means it has not gone through any chemical processing. It is usually collected from a single donor. Be careful to not buy a blend of virgin and synthetic hair.

Types of Hair Used

There are five main types of hair used to make human hair wigs. The most common are Chinese, Indian, Brazilian and Indonesian. European is the fifth less common kind.

Chinese hair will give you a beautiful high sheen straight look. The hair has a thick denier which will make it hard to style into a curl. Denier is the unit of measurement for how thick a hair or fabric fiber is.

Indonesian hair is very common in wigs so these wigs tend to be less expensive. The hair tends to be more versatile than Chinese.

Indian and Brazilian hair is the easiest to style due to the thinner denier. There is also some texture to the hair.

European hair has the thinnest denier. It is less common so it tends to be the most expensive.

Natural Wave Full Lace

The beautiful wave texture is naturally created with a chemical-free steaming process. Choose from Brazilian, Chinese, or virgin hair depending on the type of wave texture and curl you want.

Each wig comes from one donor and contains no synthetic fibers. This gives your look a realistic and uniform texture. Select your length, color, and density for a customized wig to fit your needs.

Chinese Silky Straight Glueless Full Lace Wig with Silk Top

This completely handmade wig comes with a lace front and silk top construction. The silk starts behind the baby hair in the front to give you a natural growth look.

Th double layer cap design gives you the freedom for multi-directional parting. This wig is perfect for the high ponytail look.

360 Italian Yaki Lace Wig Brazilian Hair

The finest coarse yaki hair with no synthetic fibers create this wig. The beautiful texturing comes from a chemical-free steaming process.

A Swiss lace cap gives you the ability for multi-directional parting. A stretch lace construction gives you a 360 natural look from crown to nape.

Start Shopping the Best Wigs

Look for a wig that features the human hair best suited to the style you want. The best wigs have the least amount of chemical treatment.

This gives you the greatest ability to create your own style with the hair. Chinese hair is perfect for high sheen straight looks.

Brazilian hair is durable and will hold curly styles the best. Virgin will give you the most freedom for coloring and style.

Having trouble deciding, let us help you shop for the best wig for you.

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