Top 3 Tips to Keep a Long Hair Wig From Tangling

Whether you have a hard time growing out your hair, you want to try different hair colors without damaging your natural hair with harsh dyes, or you need a high-quality wig for a cosplay, there are plenty of reasons why owning a wig can revitalize your look.

The worst feeling is buying a beautiful wig only to discover that it has transformed into a bird's nest overnight. These top 3 tips for preventing tangles will ensure you can always look your best.

1. Brush Your Long Hair Wig

While it may sound obvious, lots of people neglect to brush their wigs because they're not your real hair. The best way to take care of your wig is to make sure you brush it every day you wear it.

You should never brush your long wig with the same tools you use for your natural hair. Wigs can be made from a material that can't handle a regular brush. There are plenty of brushes that are designed for wigs.

The last thing you would want to do to your beautiful long red hair wig is tear it apart with your brush! Use your special wig brush starting on the ends and gently work up to the roots.

If your wig is in need of serious detangling, try working with a comb that has wide teeth. Once the big knots are out, you can progress to a fine-tooth comb to achieve a silky, irresistible look.

2. Store Your Wig Properly

No matter how much you love your wig, you won't wear it every second. When you remove your wig, it's important that you store it properly. If you toss it aside, it can get tangled fast.

The best way to protect your long blonde wig when you're not wearing it is to channel your inner Rapunzel and braid it. By keeping your wig tied into three large sections, you'll prevent each individual strand from tangling.

After you remove the braid, your wig might have beautiful waves. This is an effortless way to achieve a dreamy beach look.

If you want to straighten the hair of your wig, use the lowest heat setting on your hair straightener. If you're looking for hair that will stay pin-straight, a long brown wig is always an elegant choice.

3. Wash It

If you want to look as beautiful as Kim Kardashian, you have to wash your long black hair wig. You don't want to wash your wig as often as regular hair because you might damage it.

Every time you use products in your wig, it stays there. Not to mention, products can also attract dust and dirt when you walk outside. The dirtier your wig is, the easier it is to tangle and look bad.

The best washing method is to soak your wig in cold water with some special wig shampoo. Wig shampoo is designed to be gentle and effective at removing any grime.

Ready to Look Your Best?

Fine Lace Wigs is dedicated to providing the highest quality wigs available. If you're looking for a long hair wig that will amaze everyone, you can find the exact color and style that complements you best. If you have any questions about how our wigs can revitalize your look, please contact us.

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