The Benefits of a Silk Top Wig

If you're a wig lover, chances are you've had some disappointing wigs in your life. From caps being too small, to cheap lace, to unrealistic scalps, an otherwise beautiful wig can be ruined by many small design missteps.

If you're still on the quest for the most realistic units that money can buy, you need to try a silk top wig. The silk scalp is a prized technique used by the best wig artists. It gives a versatile and realistic appearance that cannot be achieved by lace alone.

Interested to know why silk top wigs are so sought after? Read on to discover why you shouldn't settle for less.

Invisible Knots

Not only does a silk top wig look like a realistic scalp, it also makes the knots of hair completely invisible.

Even the best lace units still show small knots at the base of the wig. Many savvy wig wearers have taken to blending foundation into their parts, bleaching the knots, or using other methods to try and camouflage the bases of their wigs.

With silk wigs, this is no longer necessary. A layer of silk covers the lace top, to which the knots are anchored. This delicate silk disguises the lace grid underneath, so nothing can be seen but the illusion of a natural part.

The opaque nature of the silk hides the knots. Each strand of hair looks to be naturally growing from under the scalp, but is anchored securely to the layer beneath.

Versatile Part

Depending on the size of the silk top, styling options for these units are endless.

Your wig part can be changed, no longer dependent on the small scalp area of more traditional wigs. Full silk tops can accommodate ponytails, full center parts, and any other style you can think of.

Silk top wigs still have the benefit of a lace front. The best of both worlds, a lace front wig with a silk insert creates the most realistic hairline available on the market today.


Lace is fragile but can last a long time when treated well. When combined with a silk layer on top, however, the double thickness creates a durable base for your unit that is less likely to tear.

While silk tops are very thin and comfortable, they still lend your wig extra support and structure.

Try a Silk Top Wig For Your Best Look

If you're looking for the finest, most realistic hair unit, a silk top wig is the best wig style you can buy. It is the only type of wig that looks perfectly real from 360 degrees, where even the most discerning eye won't be able to tell.

Other wig cap materials simply cannot compete with the elegant, natural part of the silk style. To find the perfect wig for you, visit My Elegant Tresses today. Each of our wigs is made with high-quality lace and silk construction to ensure you achieve a flawless hairstyle with any piece.

Let us help you find your best look.

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