Synthetic Hair vs Human Hair: Why You Should Choose a Curly Human Hair Wig

You have to choices when it comes to buying your wig: synthetic hair vs natural hair.

But what's the difference? Is it really worth spending a bit more money on a human hair wig? If you want your wig to look and feel as natural as possible, the answer to that question is yes.

Keep reading to learn more about synthetic hair vs human hair.

Human Hair Looks Natural

Because human hair wigs are made with natural hair, they feel good against your scalp and neck. Some synthetic wigs, especially low-quality wigs, can be itchy or uncomfortable to wear all day.

Synthetic hair also comes with an unnatural shine. While human hair wigs are glossy and smooth, you'll be able to tell a synthetic wig is made of fake hair from a glance. Now, this isn't always true, but anything under $100 tends to look fake.

Some synthetic wigs even bounce when you walk. But not a normal bounce. Synthetic wigs have an odd bounce you don't see with human hair.

Overall, human hair looks, feels, and behaves in a more natural way than synthetic hair.

Human Hair Has a Natural Texture

Human hair wigs come in many different textures. This gives you the ability to match the texture of your original hair. If you want a curly human hair wig, you can get one that looks and feels natural.

Synthetic wigs feel hard, dry, and fake when you touch them. When someone touches your human hair wig, they won't even realize it's a wig.

You Can Style Human Hair However You Want

Just like normal hair, you can style your human hair wig to look however you want. This includes bleaching and coloring it and getting a perm. The only difference in styling your human hair wig is you have to take it to a stylist who has experience working with wigs.

While you can style your synthetic wigs into basic hairdos, you can't straighten or curl them. Unless you have a heat friendly synthetic wig, you won't be able to use any heated styling tools on the hair.

You also can't color a synthetic wig. Normal hair coloring won't absorb into the fibers. So you're either stuck with one color or forced to buy multiple wigs to change up your look.

It Lasts Longer than Synthetic Hair

If you take care of your human hair wig, it can last up to a year before you have to replace it. And that's with you wearing it every day. Synthetic wigs don't last nearly as long. Even if you spend time doing the right maintenance, a synthetic hair wig will only last four to six months.

Human hair wigs do take more work than synthetic wigs. Like normal hair, they have to be washed, conditioned and styled often. But for many people, this is a natural chore anyway.

Synthetic Hair vs Human Hair

So when it comes to synthetic hair vs human hair, which is better?

If you want your wig to match your natural hair as close as possible, feel like normal hair, and behave like normal hair, you'll want to choose a human hair wig. These wigs allow you to show your personality through your hairstyles and hair colors, all the while boosting your confidence.

Interested in buying a curly human hair wig? Take a look at some of our options.

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