How to Keep the Stunning Curls and Waves in Your Wig Alive

Wigs have reached an all-time high in popularity with sales in the U.S. up about 5.6 percent per year from 2011 to 2016.

People wear wigs for many reasons, including to cover hair loss and as a fashion accessory.

Wearing a wig used to be something people tried to hide. Not anymore! Some celebrities change their hair as often as their clothes. And they share it on social media.

Do you love changing your hairstyle on a regular basis? Then wigs are a great option for you. Wondering how to care for your natural curly hair wigs? Keep reading!

Natural Curly Hair Wigs

If you have a natural curly hair wig, correct care is important. You want your wig to last a long time. Natural wigs have the most authentic look, but only with proper care.

Once you use a natural hair wig and learn how to take care of it, you'll realize what a gem you bought!

Washing Your Wig

It's important to wash your natural curly wig. It's made from human hair and needs to be treated and maintained similar to your own hair. But it doesn't need to be shampooed as often. Shampoo your wig between one and two weeks of wear.

Dirt and oils build up on your wig as they would any hair. But it's not necessary to wash them every day or every other day.

Be gentle in handling the wig during washing. Beware of snagging the threading or wefts.

Extend Time Between Washings

There are a couple of ways to extend the time between wig washings. Using dry shampoo is one. The other is wearing a wig cap. A wig cap fits snugly on your head before you put on the wig. The cap absorbs scalp oils and keeps the oil and dirt off your wig.

Wearing a wig cap also locks the natural hair oils into your scalp which helps your own hair grow.

Dry shampoo is another great way to extend the time between washes. Spray the dry shampoo at the roots inside the wig and onto the actual cap, avoiding the hair. This soaks up oils and adds lift.


Don't forget to use conditioner on your natural curly hair wig! This helps with tangles and keeps the hair shiny and smooth. It also helps maintain the waves and curls. Use a wig moisturizer as well as some glycerin and water.

You can moisturize your wig every day. This helps prevent tangling which keeps the wig looking its best.


Want big curls? Use some large flexi rods. Looking for a little wave, try a medium-sized curling iron. Always use a heat protectant product on the hair before using styling tools.

Don't use a heated tool unless the hair is completely dry. Be careful not to use heated tools too close to the base of the wig to avoid loosening of the hair strands.

Time to Try a Wig!

Treat your natural curly hair wigs well and for years of fun use! Shampoo and condition and avoid too much heat styling.

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