How to Choose the Best Wigs for Hair Loss Due to Chemo

Is chemotherapy causing you to lose your hair? While this is a common side effect of treatment, the last thing you want to worry about is not looking your best.

Wearing wigs is an awesome way to forget your hair loss concerns. Boost your confidence and look great by wearing a high-quality wig.

What makes a wig high-quality? There are a few elements you want to keep an eye out for when wig shopping. Keep reading to learn three tips for buying the right wigs for hair loss due to chemo.

1. Wig Material

Wigs come in all different types of materials and designs. But, they aren't all created equal. You want to choose a wig that provides ventilation and comfort.

Our heads sweat every day, it's a normal body function. So, wearing a heavy wig can prevent ventilation and cause your head to sweat more. Choose a wig with capless construction and an open frame to allow more air flow.

It's important to find a wig that is secure to your head but also allows ventilation. Make sure you measure your head and choose a cap made with lightweight wefts.

2. Natural Look

Lace front wigs offer the most natural looking hairline of all wigs. Rather than having a distinct line between skin and hair, it creates a blended look.

Besides hairline, the quality of hair also affects how natural the wig looks. When shopping you'll notice some wigs are made with human hair and others with synthetic.

Which looks better?

There are pros and cons to both types of hair. Synthetic is often more affordable but comes pre-styled in the package. It needs more styling and products to make it look natural.

Real hair looks natural. It's more expensive, but you're able to style it with heat tools like you would on your own hair. You can even dye it and get haircuts.

3. Durability

If you're going to invest in a beautiful wig, you want it to last. Unfortunately, no wig will last forever.

With constant wear, most wigs will begin to sag after a year. They can also be susceptible to static frizz which damages the ends of the hair. Be prepared to replace your wig each year or rotate between a few different wigs.

Make sure you take good care of your wigs. Store them upright on a mannequin head. Keep the hairs untangled and clean.

It's best to keep them away from sunlight to avoid color fading. And, keep synthetic wigs away from heat sources to avoid melting.

Interested in Learning More About Wigs for Hair Loss Due to Chemo?

Going through chemotherapy treatment doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your style. Buying the right wig allows you to style your hair like normal and feel confident.

Choosing the right wigs for hair loss due to chemo doesn't have to be a struggle. Decide which design is most comfortable and looks natural on you. Always take care of your wigs.

For more information on buying the right wig, wig styling, and other wig tips, check out our blog.

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