Are Virgin Hair Wigs and Remy Hair Wigs the Same Thing?

The easiest part about buying a wig or set of hair extensions is deciding you want to do something new with your hair. From there, you're faced with a whole bunch of options that seem too similar to make a difference but making the right choice really matters.

For example, not everyone understands the difference between Remy hair and virgin hair. People tend to think the two are interchangeable, which can lead to sub-par results based on the expectations they want the hair to meet.

To get the best hair for your needs, keep reading to discover the basics of virgin hair and Remy hair.

Understanding Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is the easiest to understand, and some say the better choice when compared to Remy hair. This is because virgin hair comes from the same hair donor. It has all been cut together and there is no processing or chemical alterations done on the hair once cut from the donor's head.

Not to mention, virgin hair hasn't been altered on the donor's head prior to them cutting it for extensions. In other words, the hair comes from a person who never dyed their hair or did some sort of relaxation/curling treatment to it. They washed, cut, and styled it to a normal extent.

A Closer Look at Remy Hair

Just because Remy hair isn't always virgin doesn't mean it's not a great choice. It can actually do wonders for your personal look if you do the research to find the right kind of Remy hair.

Start with the basics. The main difference between Remy hair and virgin hair is that Remy is a combination of different donors' hair. It's collected over time and made to look like one cohesive set of strands.

The cool thing about the collection and creation process, though, is that no chemicals are involved once the hair has been cut. Remy hair does not go through chemical altering which many people appreciate.

However, there is a possibility that the original donor (or a handful of them) did dye their hair or otherwise treat it. This means the Remy hair you're using could be virgin or non-virgin.

Virgin Remy hair requires that all of the strands from different donors be untouched other than standard maintenance. If just one donor has dyed, permed, or relaxed their hair, the entire Remy piece cannot be considered virgin.

So, the two options are not the same, but they are quite similar. Even virgin Remy hair isn't interchangeable with standard virgin hair because of the multiple donors needed and the way the hair is arranged.

Choosing Between Virgin Hair and Remy Hair

At the end of the day, only you can decide what the absolute best hair wig/extension is for you. Some people love the thought of 100% virgin hair, but they can't afford to pay for it.

Others opt for Remy hair from the get-go because they like the way the hair is arranged and styled without the need for additional chemical treatment. If you're having trouble deciding or want a little more clarification between the two, reach out to our hair specialists.

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