5 Tips to Prevent You5 Tips to Prevent Your Lace Wig From Sheddingr Lace Wig From Shedding

For thousands of years now, wigs have been used to hide baldness or enhance one's beauty. In Ancient Greece, hair was seen as a sacred luxury and natural hair was coveted above all us. But that didn't stop ancient Greeks from using wigs to beautify themselves.

Back then, wigs looked garish and unsophisticated, but now they're nearly seamless, especially the lace wig. If you've got a front lace wig that you need to protect, check out these 5 tips to prevent it from shedding.

1. Avoid Scratching Your Lace Wig

There's no faster way to lose hair on your front lace wig than by scratching your scalp. We know an itchy scalp is hard not to scratch, but do your best to just pat your head if you feel an itch.

You can also nip an itchy scalp in the bud at its source by moisturizing your scalp before putting your lace wig on.

2. Use Knot Sealer

There are hair products known as knot sealers that can use to, well, seal the knots and keep your hair in place at all times. These sealers typically come in a spray bottle that you use by flipping your wig inside out, applying it to the lace or mesh of the wig and then letting it air dry.

If you do this every time you wash your wig, you won't lose a single lock.

3. Only Use a Wig Brush Or a Wide-Tooth Comb

There are two rules for brushing or combing a wig. The first is to never do it while the wig is still wet, and two, use a wig brush or a wide-tooth comb. Fine-bristle brushes are designed to get shedding hair out of real hair, so you don't want to use them on your wig.

You only want to straighten your wig, not pull all the hair out.

4. Avoid Hair Products with High Alcohol Content

Wig hair is extremely delicate, so you should use similarly delicate hair care products. This means you should avoid products that have high-alcohol content as they can dry out your hair and make them more brittle and susceptible to tearing.

On top of that, residual alcohol from these products can undo all the work that your knot sealer had previously done.

5. Braid Your Wig Before Going to Sleep

We don't recommend sleeping in your wig, but if you must, we highly recommend that you braid your hair. This will keep you or your bed buddy from ripping your hair out in your sleep.

You should also comb your hair before braiding, and cover it in a silk or satin scarf. These cloth materials are relatively frictionless so they won't pull out any of your hair in your sleep either.

Need a New Wig?

No matter how well you treat your wig, they only last so long. Eventually, you'll need a new lace wig to revitalize your look. If you're in the market for new wig now, be sure to check out our lookbook. We've got a ton of great wigs on offer.

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