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    Lanley, an 18-inch natural hair wig for cancer patients wig made of comfortable materials, ensuring that they fit snugly without irritation or discomfort.  The silicone taps in the wig provide additional comfort.  The lightweight wig is easy to apply, available in a variety of natural colors, and can be changed to various styles. The real wig for cancer patients is easy to care for, requiring minimal maintenance making them a great choice for those looking for high-quality wigs for cancer patients.

    Product Details
    FLW-CN231- MC
    Model Color
    Brown_Highlights_Balayage - BrHB2
    Model Length
    Texture Appearance
    Texture Behavior
    Texture needs restyling after washing
    Styling Time
    10 minutes daily
    Processing Time
    30 Days
    • As Pictured
    • Black - Natural Black
    • Brown - Chocolate
    • Brown_Highlights_Balayage - BRHB2
    • Auburn #3
    • Auburn - #4
    • Brown - Mocha
    • Brown _Ombre - BR03
    • Brown_Highlights_Ombre - BRHO14
    • Brown _Ombre - BR04
    • Brown_Ombre - BRO7
    • Brown_Highlights - BRH9
    • Brown_Highlights - BRH#30
    • Brown_Highlights_Balayage - BRHB1
    • Brown_Highlights_Balayage - BRHB3
    • Auburn - #30
    • Auburn_Highlights - A1
    • Auburn_Highlights_Balayage - AHB2
    • Blonde - #3
    • Blonde - #4
    • Blonde - #6
    • Blonde - #7
    • Blonde - #8
    • Blonde - #9
    • Blonde_Ombre - BO1
    • Blonde_Ombre_Highlights - BOH1
    • Blonde_Ombre_Highlights - BOH2
    • Blonde_Ombre_Highlights - BOH3
    • As Pictured
    • (W) 10 inch
    • (W) 12 inch
    • (W) 14 inch
    • (W) 16 inch
    • (w) 18 inch
    • (W) 20 inch
    • (W) 22 inch
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    Choosing a Real Human Hair Wig for Cancer Patients

    Buying a wig can be a very personalized experience, That's why we recommend our high-quality, comfortable lace front caps. Our premium lace front wigs are crafted with breathable comfort and are the ideal lightweight wigs for cancer patients.

    The fine hand-tied wefts at the back of the cap ensure your hair system is durable while gentle on your sensitive scalp. There are 6 inches of Swiss lace from the forehead to the crown which allows you to part your hair in any direction at the crown. Best of all, our real human hair wigs for cancer patients come with a choice of either an ultra-soft 100% Organic Bamboo cap or a Velvet lined wig grip with your new lace wig.

    We suggest you choose the bamboo cap for sensitive scalps. The non-slip technology is designed to keep your wig firmly in place, keep your head cool and protect your scalp from irritation caused by chemotherapy treatments.


    How to Apply Our Wig Accessories

    To use our bamboo full cap liner that's ideal for cancer patients, simply place it on your entire head and secure it in place before you wear a wig.

    If you select our velvet-lined wig grip, you will want to first undo the wig grip band with the Velcro ends face up and then carefully adhere it from the top of your hairline to the back of your head, ear-to-ear. To learn more about how to install this slip-free accessory, be sure to watch this tutorial, and please keep in mind that this product may also be used in addition to a full wig cap liner if you prefer the additional support.

    wigs for cancer patients

    How to Care for Your Wig & Keep It Looking Beautiful

    When your wig arrives at your home, it will be ready to wear straight out of the box. While lace wigs are quite versatile, it's important to maintain a routine wash at least once a month upon regular use and allow the wig to air dry. 

    Click the care tab located on this page for illustrations and product recommendations.

    Product Details

    FLW-CN231- MC

    Data sheet

    Model Color
    Brown_Highlights_Balayage - BrHB2
    Model Length
    Texture Appearance
    Texture Behavior
    Texture needs restyling after washing
    Styling Time
    10 minutes daily
    Processing Time
    30 Days

    Proper Cleaning and Care Tips for your Human Hair Wig

    Detangle Gently

    Gently remove tangles using a Wet Brush Shower Detangler

    , working gradually from the ends to the root of the hair.

    Combb the wig and hair extensions


    shampoo human hair wig

    Warning: Shampoo should not be applied directly to the wig base. When product build-up accumulates, the knots of the hair system becomes fragile which causes excessive shedding.


    • Place three tablespoons of Shampoo in a bowl or sink
    • Add lukewarm water until the bowl or sink is half full.
    • Gently mix the water and shampoo.


    • Wash: Gently dip the system in the water, take it out, and repeat four times.
    • Drain: The shampoo water; refill the bowl with clean lukewarm water.
    • Rinse: Dip the wavy wig in the water until there are no traces of shampoo and the water is clear

    Condition Your Human Hair Lace Wig

    bio slik hair shampoo recommendation

    Drying your Human Hair Wig

    • Gently pat and press the wig with a soft microfiber towel to remove excess water.
    • Refrain from rubbing and twisting the tresses.

    • Place the system on a Styrofoam head
    • Allow to air dry



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