Alanna | Closure Wig


    Alanna, African American medium-length human hair wig you'll love. This gorgeous natural black glueless closure wig is made with premium human hair. The cuticle-intact strands are individually knotted to the closure wig, providing security and natural movement. The wig is comfortable to wear and has adjustable straps and combs for a secure fit.

    Product Details
    • As Pictured
    • Black - Natural Black
    • Brown - Chocolate
    • Brown_Highlights_Balayage - BRHB2
    • Auburn #3
    • Auburn - #4
    • Brown - Mocha
    • Brown _Ombre - BR03
    • Brown_Highlights_Ombre - BRHO14
    • Brown _Ombre - BR04
    • Brown_Ombre - BRO7
    • Brown_Highlights - BRH9
    • Brown_Highlights - BRH#30
    • Brown_Highlights_Balayage - BRHB1
    • Brown_Highlights_Balayage - BRHB3
    • Auburn - #30
    • Auburn_Highlights - A1
    • Auburn_Highlights_Balayage - AHB2
    • Blonde - #3
    • Blonde - #4
    • Blonde - #6
    • Blonde - #7
    • Blonde - #8
    • Blonde - #9
    • Blonde_Ombre - BO1
    • Blonde_Ombre_Highlights - BOH1
    • Blonde_Ombre_Highlights - BOH2
    • Blonde_Ombre_Highlights - BOH3
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    • (W) 14 inch
    • (W) 16 inch
    • (w) 18 inch
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    What is a Lace  Front Glueless Closure Wig?

    A glueless closure wig offers a hand-tied 5x5 lace portion of the cap to allow for multi-directional parting. However, the remainder of the cap is designed with ear taps by the temple versus lace from ear to ear. This cap offers better support and easy application and the following features:

    • Strategically placed combs inside the cap and a black elastic band to secure it.
    • Soft, felt material ear tabs inside the cap by the temples to keep the wig in place.
    • A high-definition Swiss lace that gives the appearance of a natural-looking scalp.


    5x5 closure wig

    Quick Tip:
    While our wig caps stretch for easy application, it's important that you measure your head to determine your correct wig cap size before ordering your new lace wig. After all, we want it to fit you perfectly!

    How do You Apply Your Glueless, Closure wig?

    To begin, all you have to do is flatten your hair.   Next, make adjustments to the wig such as pushing the combs in place, tightening straps, and cutting the lace. Lastly, you can style it any way you’d like with the use of hot tools or without!

    How to Secure Your Glueless Wig Without the Use of Combs

    While there are many wig accessories to choose from to apply your wig if you're not thrilled about using
    the combs in the cap to make your high-quality, glueless lace wig secure, we offer two other accessories for you to choose from:

    1. The wig fix: a specially engineered silicone gripper, to better secure your wig in place, and
    2. The velvet wig grip band: a non-slip, velvet wig band that safely secures your wig, and eliminates the need for clips, combs, or glue, choose either tan, brown or black colors for a seamless look. To learn how to use it, be sure to check out this helpful video tutorial.

    Product Details