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We are passionate about helping women discover the look that expresses your beauty. , We hope to have what you’re looking for in the Shop Wigs by Style Collection! With so many different styles to choose from, we are sure you'll find a quality human hair wig that is exactly the way you want it because only the best will do for you!

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Wig Style Human Hair Wigs With Bangs

Our exclusive collection of human hair wigs with bangs are everything you need to create a stunning style. When it comes to changing your look, nothing compares to an expertly made side swoop or blunt-cut human hair wigs with bangs. Fine Lace Wigs have natural ventilation and a comfortable fit that allows you to enjoy your day flaunting your style of bangs cut to bounce and move with you. See yourself changing up your look with our human hair lace wigs with bangs, and discover a new you today! Request Bangs for any wig on the site

Wig Style Celebrity Wigs

Treat yourself to one of our high-end celebrity-inspired wigs. Experts at creating fashionable styles ranging from smooth and flowing to thick and curly. We craft stunning celebrity-style wigs that will flatter your face shape and skin tone. All of our lace style wigs are made from 100% virgin human hair with your choice of cap style, making our store one of the best places to search for a celebrity style wig online. Celebrity Inspired Wigs2

Wigs Style Human Hair Bob Wigs

Bob Wigs will always be in style. Explore our collection of human hair bob wigs to find the right style and color to give yourself that fun yet sophisticated, night on the town or stay-at-home chic look. We offer an array of lace front bob wigs, full lace bob wigs, blunt bob wigs, bobs with bangs, relaxed straight or casual curly bob wigs. Our high-quality real hair wigs boast impressive durability and they can be restyled or colored whenever you want to refresh your look

Wig Style CLASSIC LACE WIGSDressing to impress is all about having the confidence to be you, and it all starts with your hair. Our range of classic lace wigs ensures you can create any new style your heart desires, and never have to worry about the way you look. Every one of our light yaki classic lace wigs comes with a comfort-fit top to ensure you can look and feel better than ever. Just what you need when looking your best is the only option. All you need to do now is browse our range of classic lace wigs, choose a style you instantly fall in love with and get ready to turn heads wherever you go.
We have a selection of Quilty Wigs, The guaranteed affordable pricing in various styles including African American Wigs, Celebrity Wigs, and More.

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When shopping for lace wigs it is very important to have an understanding of which type of wig cap is best for your lifestyle.  Although there are a large number of details that can be added to a wig cap to personalize it, the most popular cap constructions remain the same.   The most popular types of wig caps are Front lace wigs, Full lace wigs, Silk top wigs,  Glueless Lace wigs, Monofilament wigs, and Jewish Cap wigs.  

We understand you need to have the freedom to choose something that is comfortable and natural. We have designed our wigs to meet your specification. 

Selecting the Right Wig Type Cap Construction

Selecting the right wig cap construction is key to creating a natural-looking wig that's tailored to your unique lifestyle and needs. Lucky for you, we have 4 different cap construction options for you to choose from:

  • Front Lace Wig: a lace front means there is only lace in the front of the wig. The high-definition lace goes from ear to ear across your hairline and provides up to six inches of parting space at the crown of the cap alongside combs and adjustable straps to keep it secure. This cap style is an ideal lightweight wig for cancer patients as the back of the wig includes a built-in, stretchy soft material with hand-tied wefts sewn in for a breathable fit while maintaining a natural wig appearance.

  • A lace front is the most popular choice for those looking for a breathable, lightweight, and easy to apply wig. 


  • How to Style

  • You can part your hair in any direction up to six inches wide and six inches from the forehead to the crown. There is only lace at the front of the cap hence the name "lace front". The wig cap is durable yet versatile for wearing low ponytails or messy buns.


  • How to Apply

  • Lace Front Wigs only take a moment to apply using the removable combs and adjustable straps but there are several options. Check out the video links below for common ways to secure your wig.



  • Full Lace Wig: commonly purchased for maximum versatility when it comes to styling as updos and ponytails are easier to pull off, the lace on this wig will cover the entire head rather than just the front of it for an all-around secure fit. Since this type of cap does not include any combs or adjustable straps, it will require the help of wig glue, adhesive, or a velvet wig grip band to keep it secure.

  • How to Style

  • Hand-tied wigs offer the most versatility in styling. Compared to lace fronts, full lace caps do not have hair wefts. Each strand of hair is individually hand-tied to the lace which gives the ability to part the hair in any direction.


  • How to Secure 

  • Full Lace wigs are usually applied with wig adhesive or tape. Check out the video links below for common ways to secure the wig and help you decide if full lace wigs are right for you.



  • Monofilament wig: due to its unique sheer material at the crown of the head called the monofilament that mimics the appearance of a natural scalp, this cap style hand-ties the real human hair in sections to allow for natural movement and a hairline that looks unbelievably natural.


  • Glueless, Full Lace Wig with Stretch at the Crown: offering the most in terms of comfort and versatility, this cap style features increased hair density at the crown of the cap alongside adjustable straps and combs at either side of your temples to keep your wig pleasantly snug.A Glueless Full lace Wig is ideal if you are looking for an easy application with styling versatility.   Glueless full lace wigs offer 5"x5" fine swiss lace in the crown and hairline. The remainder of the cap is made of durable lace that stretches like spandex for flexibility. 

  • How to Style

  •  You can part the hair in any direction and wear updos. 


  • How to Secure 

  • In contrast to a standard full lace cap, our glueless lace wig cap offers three strategically placed combs, an adjustable strap or the black elastic band option which allows you to make easy adjustments to get that just-right fit!

  • Check out the video links below for common ways to secure the wig and help you decide if a  glueless wig is right for you.



Quick Tip: While our wig caps stretch for easy application, it's important that you measure your head to determine your correct wig size before ordering your new lace front wig. After all, we want it to fit you perfectly!

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There’s no substitute for loving the look of your hair texture.

Shop by texture collection gives you curly, wavy, and straight human hair wigs. The realistic hairline is what sets our natural human hair wigs apart.   Our curly collection offers everything from loose loops which are ideal for Caucasian women to tight corkscrew curls that mimic the look of some natural African American hair. 
If you looking for straight human hair wigs, Explore the straight collection for a 
sleek gorgeous straight lace wigs. The authentic human hair wigs can be styled just like your real hair.  
Add flowing, luxurious waves to your styling arsenal with one of our gorgeous wavy lace wigs. Whether you want classic, beach-ready mermaid waves cascading down your back or a cute short style for everyday casual wear, our collection of wavy lace wigs is sure to match your taste. 
Whether you want a dramatic diva look or a simple and sophisticated style for the office, we have a texture that will fit any occasion.

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Shop By Culture

We strive to create an online experience that provides natural hair textures for women of every culture. Whether you desire straight European human hair wigs, or quality natural texture African American wigs, we have everything you need to look your best. It’s about helping women from all over the world rediscover their own personal style, and our ever-growing collection of human hair wigs for white women and natural hair wigs for African American women are a major part of that. 


No collection of high-end wigs would be complete without the finest European hair wigs money can buy. These wigs are expensive but when you see them you understand the difference. Europan wigs are made from the finest double-drawn hair, so every strand of hair in the high-quality wig is the same length from top to bottom which provides strands without breakage to give the most luxurious wigs in the market.  

What Defines Curly Hair Wigs for Caucasians What makes a wig look natural is going to be different for every woman since we are all so unique. Every woman loves the power of choice and we are pleased we have a nice selection of natural-looking Curly Hair Wigs for Caucasians. We offer larger curl pattern textures which are selected because they tend to be natural for most Caucasian women combined with transparent gives the illusion that it is your real hair.

What defines Wigs for the culture of Caucasian Women Wigs

What makes a wig look natural is going to be different for every woman since we are all so unique. However, natural-looking wigs for Caucasian women often but not always feature very straight,  wavy, or larger curl patterns with transparent lace color. We select these textures as they tend to be natural for most Caucasian women and give the illusion that it is your real hair.

The wig pictured features a blend of dark roots. light brown and dark blonde color tones from end to root that look striking.. Combine this with one of our high-quality, lace wig cap styles and you can have versatility in styling while maintaining a realistic hairline. At the end of the day, nobody will be able to realize you're even wearing a wig.

What defines African American Culture Wigs 

The request for quality curly African American textures has gained popularity in recent years. Women are omitting harsh chemicals and taking a natural approach to hair care. If you want to experiment with a different look we've got you covered!

Our African American wigs are perfectly designed to compliment your natural tresses. We have perfected our process to design wig styles and textures that seamlessly blend with African American bio hair.   

Each wig offered in the shop by culture is flattering and natural. Crafted for quality, our lace wigs present a realistic-looking hairline, choice of hair length, density, cap, or color. Our selection of  Human Hair Wigs has options to make your wig look as natural as possible.

The curly human hair feels so soft and comfortable when wearing this breathable lace front wig cap. If you are not sure that lace front wigs are right for you, just click the cap options tab to view the pros and cons of each stock cap type and decide which cap construction fits you best.

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Shop By Colors

Shop Wigs by Hair Color 

We all crave the perfect color tresses that match our skin tones, Shop Wigs by Hair Color provides ways to change our hair without the commitment. If you’re looking for a natural hair color or a drastic change and don't want to spend hours in the salon human hair wigs are the way to go.

Choose from Blonde Wigs, Ombre Wigs, Red Wigs, Balayage Wigs, or Dark Wigs.  Just what you need to make a bold statement. We offer everything from blonde human hair wigs to black human wigs. There’s even a selection of quality ombre human hair wigs for those of you looking for a blend of vibrant colors.

What Wig hair color is right for me?

Working out which of the latest hair color trends will look good on you involves more than knowing what hair colors you like. Picking a hair color has a lot to do with your skin tone!

Deciding between blonde, brown, and red is tough enough without considering the spectrum of tones that exist within those hues. And then you have to think about which of those shades will look good on you?

When you understand how to match your tone you will get your most flattering color ever—luckily, with a little crash course, it's not as difficult as you think. "It's all about placement, saturation, and what undertones in your skin you'd like to emphasize," says Roxie Darling, former coloring guru at New York City's Hairstory. "The decision you and your colorist have to make is which color you would like to bring out in your face."

But it helps to have a basic knowledge of what cool tones and warm tones look like, as well as an understanding of your skin's coloring to begin with. We added quotes from several pros in the field to get some intel. Consider this your comprehensive, foolproof guide to finding the best hair color for every skin tone. Keep scrolling to learn more and find the best hair color for you.

How to Find Your Skin Tone

Before taking your pick of hair colors, you need to ID your skin's undertones. Most people fall into one of three categories: warm, cool, and neutral. Figuring out where your complexion lies can seem confusing, but there are a few tricks:

  1. Look for specific colors. "Cool-toned skin has blue and olive undertones while warm-toned skin has yellow and gold," says Rachel Bodt, senior colorist at Red Door Spa in New York City.
  2. Match yourself with a celeb. When you're looking for A-list color inspiration, try to pick out people with similar skin and eye coloring to your own. It'll give you a much better idea of how the hue will actually look on you.
  3. Check your wrist… "You'll see the pinks, reds, blues, greens, and yellows there," says Darling. This includes your veins, which are a great indicator of tone. "If your veins are blue or purple, you're likely cool-toned," notes Bodt. "If they are green, you are warm."
  4. …or your eyes. "If you have a lot of gold specks in your eyes, usually your undertones are warm," says George Papanikolas, celebrity hairstylist. "If you have a lot of blues and greens, then you are usually cool."

Pick a tone that's opposite from your skin's undertones. For instance, those with warm undertones might opt for a cooler color, and vice versa. If you have neutral skin, you're lucky—everything looks good on you.

Shop Wigs By Hair Color Suggestions for Fair Skin With Warm Undertones

Shades include: platinum wigs, ice, silver, ash, sand, beige, champagne

Who it's best for: Cool blonde shades are great on porcelain-skin, since those icy hues tend to neutralize redness, according to Chelsey Pickthorn, master hair designer and owner of Pickthorn Salon in Brooklyn. And, a cool, ashy blonde will look great against blue or gray eyes.

Shop Wigs By Hair Color Suggestions for Fair Skin With Cool Undertones

Shades include: gold, caramel, amber, honey, butterscotch

Who it's best for "Fair skin with cool undertones looks better with warm tones like strawberry blondes, copper, honey, and gold," says Papanikolas. He also notes that these hues tend to be better for those with olive skin, as an ashy blonde hue can wash you out. The same goes for those with deep skin: If you want to go light, go for a caramel blonde for a high-impact look.

On the other hand, those with very warm skin should avoid a color that's too yellow for the same reason—cooler blondes will probably work better on you.


Shop Wigs By Hair Color for Fair Skin With Neutral Undertones

Shades include: strawberry blonde, copper, amber, rust, russet

Who it's best for: "Strawberry blondes are great on fair and neutral skin tones," says Pickthorn. "[Tell your colorist to] mix cool and warm tones to achieve a creamy yet warm color with a hint of golden copper." Papanikolas also recommends a light, warm red to counteract cool tones in pale skin (think Emma Stone). These hues tend to make deep skin look green, so choose a cooler, brown-tinged auburn instead if you're hankering to go red (think Rihanna). And want to make your hue really trend-worthy? Opt for a luminous shade of rose gold.

Your must-have product:

John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze Clear Shine $8


Shop Wigs By Hair Color Fair Skin With Peach Undertones

Shades include: true red, dark auburn, burgundy

Who it's best for: It may sound counterintuitive, but red is actually a very flattering option for those with ruddy undertones. "If you have pale skin with red in it, it makes you have a glow rather than trying to fight it," says Hazan. Pickthorn agrees, adding that those with warm, peachy complexions will also see their skin-pop with cooler, auburn reds.


Shop Wigs By Hair Color Medium Skin With Warm Undertones

Shades include: dark chocolate, chestnut, dark auburn, mocha

Who it's best for: It's pretty hard to go wrong with brown in general, since it's almost universally flattering. But a cooler brown tone can look particularly striking on those with warm skin, as it helps make yellow undertones look creamier. Daniel Sanchez, color specialist at Frederic Fekkai in New York City, adds that for those with deeper skin, lightening from black to deep, mocha brown (ideally with multi-tonal highlights) can have a gorgeous, soft effect.


Shop Wigs By Hair Color Medium Skin With Cool Undertones

Shades include: caramel, honey, golden brown, amber, mahogany, cinnamon

Who it's best for: Sanchez especially recommends this color range for those with medium skin, though he advises picking a shade that contrasts with your complexion in order to avoid looking washed-out. "Caramel browns fit best with skin tones on the lighter side of olive, with a bit more yellow and green tones to them," adds Pickthorn. "This color looks really beautiful on a base or roots that are naturally dark."


Shop Wigs By Hair Color Medium Skin With Neutral Undertones

Seen on: Bella Hadid

Shades include: true black, espresso, blue-black, licorice

Who it's best for: In the world of hair color, black isn't a one-note option—different tones and highlights add subtle variety. A cooler shade like this can read a little harsh on those with fair, cool-toned skin, but for those with warmer or neutral undertones, it has a dramatic, porcelain effect on the complexion. (The same applies to olive skin).

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Shop By Length


Shop the best selection of wig hair lengths for women,  Wig lengths, in short, medium, and long hair lengths ranging in a variety of hair colors and cap constructions.

Choosing your perfect hair length is all about exploring your options, thinking about the styles you want to create, and finding something that beautifully compliments your face shape. Whether you want short lace wigs, long human hair wigs, or anything else in between, we have the exclusive options you won’t find anywhere else. For those of you who want the best of both worlds, we even have an all-new collection of mid-length wigs just for you. The choice is yours!


Did you find yourself searching google for “Short Wigs” Yes! Of course, we think we have something you will like. If you want a short-length wig and are not too sure what will look good on you go with a short bob! Everyone loves the bob hairstyle. If we had to choose a haircut of the decade it would be the bob. With a few styling tweaks, this haircut suits everyone, whatever your face shape or your hair type. If you're in the mood for a new look but don't want to cut your hair go with a short-length bob. Short Length Lace Wigs refresh your look without feeling like a drastic overhaul.

We acknowledge that some people may consider what we consider short not short enough. Our short human hair wigs are 8 to 10 inches, We actually consider chin-length to be short but defining hair lengths has room for interpretation.


Shoulder length is a fairly true representation of medium-length hair length. Our medium-length human hair wigs give you a huge variety of style options, a comfortable fit, and a realistic hairline all at the same time. Just what you need when looking your best is the only option. Browse our collection of medium-length human hair wigs, choose your favorite, and get ready to enjoy your stunning new look.


If the hair comes to the middle of your back right about 18 inches we would consider it long. Long human hair wigs are sometimes simpler than other natural hair wigs, but also sometimes the most stunning. With premium long human hair, it's really just left to your own preference of cap construction and color to have that looks that turn heads.

If you’re trying to breathe new life into your look, we encourage you to step away from poor-grade wigs. Shop Wigs by Length's collection consists of short human wigs, mid-length wigs, and Long human hair wigs of the finest quality, and allows you to effortlessly create the realistic head of hair you’ve always wanted. Fine Lace Wigs give quality, using the finest human hair, expert craftsmanship, and quality service. Explore our whole range of wigs by length today.

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Medical Wigs

Medical Human Hair Wigs

With an incredibly lightweight and comfortable lace front cap, you can feel confident in one of our medical human hair wigs. Whether you're seeking a new wig for short-term medical hair loss or moderate to severe long-term hair loss, purchasing a realistic medical wig is accessible and affordable with Fine Lace Wigs.

Our premium medical human hair wigs feature hand-tied caps with each strand of hair individually woven into the crown of the cap to provide natural movement and allow for multi-directional parting. Most importantly, the back of the cap also has very fine hand-tied wefts which make the hair system durable and gentle on your sensitive scalp.

How to Apply Your Medical Human Hair Wig

Crafted to be effortlessly accessible to match your changing lifestyle, our medical human hair wigs come with a complimentary velvet lace grip for easy application. Wig grips are the perfect accompanying accessories as they add an extra level of comfort while preventing slippage so your hair replacement stays exactly where you want it. To apply, simply watch this wig grip tutorial and start showing off your natural-looking hair replacement in no time!

As with most of our quality wigs, this one features 100% authentic human hair for versatile styling with your choice of hair length, fullness, and color.

When your medical human hair wig arrives at your home, it will be set in your preferred style and ready to wear straight out the box. While natural human hair front lace wigs allow for a range of versatility when it comes to styling, keep in mind that if the hair has been breached, then it still needs a commitment to hydration to maintain its soft to the touch feel.

Maintaining the moisture of your human hair wig is easy with the BedHead Colour Goddess Shampoo & Conditioner. These products are infused with sweet almond oil to add a micro-layer of water-repelling agents on the hair to gently cleanse and moisturize without it feeling heavy. This indulgent formula contains nourishing ingredients like shea butter, Vitamin E, and keratin for strong, healthy-looking hair that retains its color and luster over many uses.

Reliably sourced from 100% virgin hair, our human hair wigs for Alopecia offer the appearance of a very natural hairline that makes it difficult for anyone to even notice it's a wig. With individual hair strands that have been hand-tied with quality in mind and a handful of lace cap styles to choose from, you can customize her to your desire.

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Keeping your human hair wig looking its best is all about investing in the wig care essentials that make all the difference. That’s why we’ve put together a range of wig essentials that will keep your hair soft, beautiful, and give you the resources for application \ all-in-one.  Some wig care products breathe new life into an old wig.   The collection of suggestions give you what you need to make sure you love the way you look for a long time to come. 

Take a look at a range of care recommendations in addition to wig attachment and removal suggestions essentials you simply cannot do without.

Our liquid products and styling tools are designed to be gentle. Regular shampoos and styling products can damage wigs, making them lose their luster.  The better understanding you have of taking care of your wig the longer you can keep a wig looking new.  If you’re going to invest in a wig, ensure that you provide proper wig care with quality wig care products that can extend the life of the wig and keep you and your wig looking good. 


Wig attachment options ensure your new hairstyle stays in place with ease so that you never have to stress or worry when you’re out with your friends. Select short-term and long-term wig attachment options.

LACE WIG TAPE  We suggest Walker Blue Liner Tape. Just a couple of well-positioned pieces of lace wig tape will hold your new head of hair in place all day long.

WIG GRIP  If you want to be able to walk out the door with confidence, you need a wig grip one-size-fits-all adjustable wig band that grips your wig and provides no-slip all-day security. It keeps your wig from slipping or moving, letting you be confident and carefree all day long. The wig grip band is designed to be a comfortable alternative to traditional wig clips, combs, glues, or tapes. It prevents wig-associated headaches, tension, and scalp pain by placing a soft barrier between your head and the wig's interior cap.

WIG ADHESIVEWe offer a range of wig adhesives for short-term to long-term holds. Some adhesives are quick to apply, wash off easily, versus others that will keep your wig in place for as long as six weeks. 

SHAMPOO - Looking after your wig is all about using the same care and attention as you would with a head of hair. Our shampoo & conditioner for wigs gives every hair the soothing treatment that ensures it retains its natural shine for years to come. Perfect when you want to love the way you look and enjoy it for a lifetime. All you need to do now is arrange an evening pampering session so you can get ready to really treat yourself.


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