Glueless - Requires Curling after Washing Medical Wigs for Alopecia | Zelle
    Reference: FLW-JW-24

    Zelle is a realistic wig for alopecia. This luxury medical wig can be styled like natural hair and is offered in various colors, lengths, and capsizing.

    • Durable Silk top Wig Lace cap design
    • 100% Human Hair Wig
    • Undetectable Hairline
    • Silicone Strips
    • Complimentary Velvet Wig Grip
    • Processing Time days 30 days 
    Size Guide
    Size Guide
    MEASURE Petite Small Average
    Circumference 20.5 21.0 22.0
    Front to Back  12.5 13.5 14.5
    Ear to Ear 10.5 10.5 11

    MEASURE Petite Small Average
    Circumference 21.0 21.5 22.0-22.5
    Front to Back  13.5 14.0 14.5
    Ear to Ear 11.5 12 12

    MEASURE Petite Small Average
    Circumference 21.0 21.5 22.0-22.5
    Front to Back  13.5 14.0 14.5
    Ear to Ear 11.5 12 12

    Here's a guide on how to measure for a wig:

    What You'll Need:

    A flexible measuring tape


    1. Head Circumference: This is the most critical measurement. Place the end of the measuring tape at the center of your forehead hairline. Wrap the tape around your head, going behind your ears, reaching the nape of your neck (the area where the base of your skull meets your neck), and then back to the starting point at your forehead. Keep the tape comfortably snug but not tight.

    2. Front-to-Back Head Measurement: This measurement can help ensure a good fit, especially for wigs with deeper caps. Measure from the center of your forehead hairline straight down to the nape of your neck.

    3. Ear-to-ear measurement: This measurement can also be helpful for fit, particularly for broader head shapes. Place the tape on one temple at the hairline and bring it across the head to the other temple at the hairline.
      • As Pictured
      • (E) 10 inch Bob
      • (E) 18" Overall Length 10" from nape
      • (E) 20" Overall Length 12" from nape
      • (E) 22" Overall Length 14" from nape
      • (E) 24" Overall Length 16" from nape
      • (E) 26" Overall Length 18" from nape
      • (E) 28" Overall Length 20" from nape
      • As Pictured
      • Blonde - No. 1 - Processing Time 30 Days
      • Bespoke Colors - Cindy- Processing Time 30 Days
      • Bespoke Colors - Holland - Processing Time 10 days
      • Bespoke Colors - Khloe - Processing Time 10 days
      • Bespoke Colors - Lanley - Processing Time 30 days
      • Bespoke Colors - Zelle - Processing Time 30 Days
      • Bespoke Colors - Jet Black - Processing Time 10 days
      • Bespoke Colors - Off Black - Processing Time 10 days
      • Bespoke Colors - Adelle - Processing Time 30 Days
      • Bespoke Colors - Blake - Processing Time 30 Days
      • Bespoke Colors - Jacquelyn - Processing Time 10 days
      • Bespoke Colors - Natalie- Processing Time 30 days
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      What are the best Alopecia Hair Wigs?

      The best Alopecia hair wigs will depend on how you desire to apply and style your hair.

      Our top-lace Wigs are the most popular for Alopecia Patients because they offer full coverage, silicone, and ultra-fine undetectable lace. The high-definition lace makes the cap breathable, while the silicone helps keep the wig in place. Our wigs for alopecia can be with adhesive or without. The lace area of the wig defines where it can be parted. The lace goes from ear to ear across your hairline, giving you six inches of parting space in the crown.

      At the back of the wig cap, there is a stretch material similar to nylon with adjustable straps to give a secure fit; if you desire to part the hair in any direction throughout the wig, a full lace will be the best wig for alopecia. If you are not sure what is the best option for you, call us. We have real people to help or message us on the contact form.


      Why We Recommend Top Lace Alopecia Hair Wigs

      Our lace wigs for Alopecia are designed to be simple and offer an incredibly natural look.

      Even though the wig features a total lace cap, it is still considered a "top lace" because you can only part your hair at the top of the wig.  We recommend lace top wigs for alopecia because the hairline is natural, while the back of the cap is secure, durable, and breathable. You can part your hair in any direction in the crown while still having that natural scalp illusion for a realistic hairline. If your insurance covers your wig for alopecia, you may only be able to file one claim a year, so we recommend top lace wigs for alopecia because they last longer.


      How to Apply Your Wigs for Alopecia with Glue

      Watch this helpful video tutorial to see how it's done.

      How to Apply Your Wig for Alopecia without Glue

      If you don't like wig glue or tape, we highly recommend the velvet wig grip band! This accessory will secure your wig and provide more comfort than traditional methods.

      Plus, it's easy to use. Click here to view a helpful tutorial!


      How to Care for Your Lace Front Wig for Alopecia

      Please remember that washing your human hair wig too often may strip the hair, so be gentle and infrequent with it. Click the care tab on the product page for instructions on how to wash your wig and product commendations.

      Product Details

      Data sheet

      Cap Construction
      Silk top Wig
      Model Color
      Bespoke Custom Color - Zelle
      Hair Texture Options
      Tousled Wavy
      Texture Behavior
      Texture needs restyling after washing
      Styling Versatility
      Parting any direction in the top
      Processing Time
      30 Days
      Return Policy
      Custom Made Product Not Eligible for Returns
      Product Life Span
      24 to 60 months
      Color Group

      Proper Cleaning and Care and Styling Tips for Your Human Hair Wig

      How to wash a human hair wig

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