Glueless- Waves Stays after Washing Medical Wigs for Alopecia | Paris
    Reference: FLW2534

    Paris is a lightweight, lace-front, wet, and wavy wig designed for those with alopecia. It's made from comfortable materials to ensure a good fit without irritation, and silicone tabs add extra comfort. This easy-to-apply wig comes in natural colors and can be styled in various ways.

    • 100% Human Hair
    • Cap sizes: Petite, Small, Average
    • Various Colors & Lengths
    • Lace color: Transparent HD lace
    • Silicone-lined lace front Cap
    • Natural hairline
    • Bleached Knots
    • 6" parting area
    • Processing time 15 days
    Size Guide
    Size Guide
    MEASURE Petite Small Average
    Circumference 20.5 21.0 22.0
    Front to Back  12.5 13.5 14.5
    Ear to Ear 10.5 10.5 11

    MEASURE Petite Small Average
    Circumference 21.0 21.5 22.0-22.5
    Front to Back  13.5 14.0 14.5
    Ear to Ear 11.5 12 12

    MEASURE Petite Small Average
    Circumference 21.0 21.5 22.0-22.5
    Front to Back  13.5 14.0 14.5
    Ear to Ear 11.5 12 12

    Here's a guide on how to measure for a wig:

    What You'll Need:

    A flexible measuring tape


    1. Head Circumference: This is the most critical measurement. Place the end of the measuring tape at the center of your forehead hairline. Wrap the tape around your head, going behind your ears, reaching the nape of your neck (the area where the base of your skull meets your neck), and then back to the starting point at your forehead. Keep the tape comfortably snug but not tight.

    2. Front-to-Back Head Measurement: This measurement can help ensure a good fit, especially for wigs with deeper caps. Measure from the center of your forehead hairline straight down to the nape of your neck.

    3. Ear-to-ear measurement: This measurement can also be helpful for fit, particularly for broader head shapes. Place the tape on one temple at the hairline and bring it across the head to the other temple at the hairline.
      • As Pictured
      • (PW) 10 inches
      • (PW) 12 inches
      • (PW) 14 inches
      • (PW) 16 inches
      • (PW) 18 inches
      • (PW) 20 Inches
      • (PW) 22 Inches
      • As Pictured
      • Auburn - No. 2 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Auburn - No. 3 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Auburn - No. 4 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Auburn - No. 5 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Auburn - No. 6 - Processing Time 10 days
      • Black - No. 1 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Black - No. 2 - Processing Time 10 days
      • Brown - No. 1 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Brown - No. 2 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Brown - No. 3 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Brown - No. 4 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Brown - No. 5 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Brown - No. 6 - Processing Time 10 days
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      Our Lace Front Wigs for Alopecia have sensitivity in mind for your scalp and style.

      Did you do a Google search for “Lace Front Wigs for Alopecia?” Yes! Of course, we think we have something you will like—a wet and wavy look!


      Why is a Lace Front Wig for Alopecia the best?

      We often recommend lace front wigs for alopecia patients. Our lace front wigs are easy to apply and take off as needed with soft, hand-tied wefts sewn into the back of the lace front cap. We offer the option to remove the combs while securely offering the strap to the lace wig. The hair system offers multidirectional parting up to six inches from the forehead to the crown, and best of all, the wig has a. A lace wig cap looks and feels like you were born with it because it is real hair collected from donors, and therefore, it looks natural and less detectable. As a wig, you can even do messy buns.


      What Makes A Lace Front the Most Comfortable Wig for Alopecia?

      While there are many options to choose from when it comes time to select a cap, we offer a couple of wig accessories that can make all the difference in your comfort level when dealing with Alopecia. These vital accessories include our bamboo full cap liner and velvet-lined wig grip.

      A full bamboo cap liner protects sensitive scalps that are prone to irritation by offering an ultra-soft barrier between your entire scalp and your wig cap.

      To apply it, place it on your entire head and secure it in place before you wear a wig.

      Additionally, the velvet-lined wig grip offers a highly lightweight, non-slip band to prevent wig-related tension and gently help secure your wig cap. If you select our velvet-lined wig grip, you will want to first undo the wig grip band with the Velcro ends face up and then carefully adhere it from the top of your hairline to the back of your head, ear-to-ear. To learn more about how to install this slip-free accessory, be sure to watch this tutorial, and please keep in mind that this product may also be used in addition to a full wig cap liner if you prefer the additional support.

      How to Care for Your Wig & Keep It Looking Beautiful

      When your wig arrives at your home, it will be wavy and set to wear straight out of the box with a quick shake and go. While lace wigs are quite versatile, it's important to maintain a routine wash and air dry at least once a month upon regular use in order to keep your waves looking hydrated, healthy, and frizz-free.

      Click the CARE tab on the product page for product recommendations and care illustrations.

      Product Details

      Data sheet

      Bleached Knots
      Cap Construction
      HD Lace Top Cranial Prosthesis with Silicone Strips
      Lace Type
      HD Transparent Lace Color
      Model Color
      Auburn - No. 1- Amber Color
      Model Length
      10 inches
      Hair Texture Options
      Loose Curls & Waves
      Texture Behavior
      Texture stays the same after washing.
      Styling Versatility
      Parting any direction in the top
      Processing Time
      15 Days
      Return Policy
      Custom Made Product Not Eligible for Returns
      Product Life Span
      12 to 15 months
      Color Group