Glueless- Waves Stays after Washing Full Lace Wig Collection | Becca
    Reference: FLW5487

    Becca, the medium-length wavy hand-tied human hair wig you'll love. This luxurious wavy wig features beautiful, bouncy waves in a stunning auburn shade (other colors available). The transparent lace provides a natural, undetectable hairline, while the high-quality real hair with intact cuticles offers ultimate comfort and realistic movement. The breathable wig cap ensures all-day comfort, and the individually hand-tied strands allow for versatile styling.

    • 100% Human Hair 
    • High- Definition Transparent Lace 
    • Full Hand Tied Cap 
    • Bleached Knots
    • Combs & Strap 
    • LengthS 14 to 22 inches
    • Processing time 15 days
    • Petite & Average Size Options
    Size Guide
    Size Guide
    MEASURE Petite Small Average
    Circumference 20.5 21.0 22.0
    Front to Back  12.5 13.5 14.5
    Ear to Ear 10.5 10.5 11

    MEASURE Petite Small Average
    Circumference 21.0 21.5 22.0-22.5
    Front to Back  13.5 14.0 14.5
    Ear to Ear 11.5 12 12

    MEASURE Petite Small Average
    Circumference 21.0 21.5 22.0-22.5
    Front to Back  13.5 14.0 14.5
    Ear to Ear 11.5 12 12

    Here's a guide on how to measure for a wig:

    What You'll Need:

    A flexible measuring tape


    1. Head Circumference: This is the most critical measurement. Place the end of the measuring tape at the center of your forehead hairline. Wrap the tape around your head, going behind your ears, reaching the nape of your neck (the area where the base of your skull meets your neck), and then back to the starting point at your forehead. Keep the tape comfortably snug but not tight.

    2. Front-to-Back Head Measurement: This measurement can help ensure a good fit, especially for wigs with deeper caps. Measure from the center of your forehead hairline straight down to the nape of your neck.

    3. Ear-to-ear measurement: This measurement can also be helpful for fit, particularly for broader head shapes. Place the tape on one temple at the hairline and bring it across the head to the other temple at the hairline.
      • As Pictured
      • (PW) 10 inches
      • (PW) 12 inches
      • (PW) 14 inches
      • (PW) 16 inches
      • (PW) 18 inches
      • (PW) 20 Inches
      • (PW) 22 Inches
      • As Pictured
      • Auburn - No. 2 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Auburn - No. 3 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Auburn - No. 4 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Auburn - No. 5 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Auburn - No. 6 - Processing Time 10 days
      • Black - No. 1 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Black - No. 2 - Processing Time 10 days
      • Brown - No. 1 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Brown - No. 2 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Brown - No. 3 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Brown - No. 4 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Brown - No. 5 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Brown - No. 6 - Processing Time 10 days
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      What is a Glueless, Full Lace Wig?

      A glueless full lace wig is created by individually inserting hair strands into the lace wig cap and securing them with knots. This intricate process takes over 80 hours, contributing to the higher production cost. The cap is made of high-definition Swiss lace, throughout the entire area to allow for versatile parting and easy styling into updos and ponytails. Unlike lace front wigs, glueless full lace wigs do not require adhesives or tapes. The wig cap is designed with built-in combs for secure and easy application and removal. Key specifications include:

      • There are four Stratecombs combs, one on each side of the temple and one on the back of the head. There is also an elastic adjustable band to secure them.
      • You can part your hair in any direction.
      • Undetectable High Definition Lace
      • Invisible Knots

      Quick Tip: While our wig caps stretch for easy application, you must measure your head to determine your correct wig cap size before ordering your new lace wig. After all, we want it to fit you perfectly!

      How Do You Apply Your Glueless, Full Lace Wig?

      To begin, flatten your hair and prepare your skin. Next, adjust the wig by pushing the combs in place, tightening straps, and trimming the lace. Lastly, style it any way you’d like, using hot tools or not!

      While there are many wig accessories to choose from to apply your wig, if you're not thrilled about using the combs in the cap to make your high-quality, glueless lace wig secure, we offer two other accessories for you to choose from:

      1. The wig fix: a specially engineered silicone gripper to better secure your wig in place and
      2. The velvet wig grip band is a non-slip, velvet wig band that safely secures your wig, eliminates the need for clips, combs, or glue, and comes in three colors—tan, brown, or black—for a seamless look. To learn how to use it, check out this helpful video tutorial.

      How Do You Wash Your Full Lace Wig

      To keep your high-quality, glueless wigs as beautiful as pictured while taking advantage of their versatility with hot tools from time to time, they will require a routine wash and air drying at least once a month to maintain their smoothness, moisture retention and manageability. Be sure to visit our care tab on the product page for washing instructions and illustrations.

      Product Details

      Data sheet

      Bleached Knots
      Cap Construction
      HD Lace Front Wig
      Lace Type
      HD Transparent Lace Color
      Model Color
      Auburn - No. 4 Blake
      Model Length
      16 inches
      Hair Texture Options
      Loose Curls & Waves
      Texture Behavior
      Texture stays the same after washing.
      Styling Versatility
      Parting any direction throughout the wig
      Styling Time
      7 minutes
      Processing Time
      15 Days
      Return Policy
      Custom Made Product Not Eligible for Returns
      Medium Length

      Proper Cleaning and Care Tips for Curly & Wavy Human Hair Wig

      What You Need

      How to wash wavy wig


        A quick tip: Seal the knots between washing on your Lace Front Wig