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Safe-Grip Extended Wear Adhesive (1.4 oz)


Safe Grip is a very reliable, water-based, copolymer adhesive. Safe Grip has a 2-week hold and is not stringy and is low-odor, which makes it awesome to work with. It dries clear and is bacteria-resistant to keep things fresh longer.

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Extended Wear (1-3 weeks) adhesives are great for people who need something more than just for day-to-day wear, but who are also not looking for the longest bond either. This is a popular type of adhesive because many people reapply their units in under 2 weeks.


Make sure skin is clean and oil-free. Poly Systems: Using a makeup sponge, apply thin even coats of Safe Grip to unit. Mesh Units: Using a makeup sponge, Apply thin, even coats of Safe Grip to scalp. Blow dry until tacky between coats. Next, press the hair system onto the skin and hold firmly for 10 seconds. Do not swim, work out, or shampoo for at least 24 hours.



A blend of Acetoxyenthylene and Dimethylcarbinol



Close cap tightly. Do not breathe fumes. Store below 90 degrees. Test on a small area before use. 

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