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Mity-Tite Daily Wear Adhesive (1.4 oz)


Mity-Tite is our #1 Daily Wear liquid adhesive. It’s intended for touch-ups between replacements. If you intend to remove your hair system every day or every few days, we recommend looking at our tapes for easier application and removal. 

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Daily Wear (1-7 days) adhesives are popular for their day-to-day use. They’re great for customers who prefer removing their systems daily or every few days.


Before bonding, prepare skin and base with 99% Alcohol to remove residues. Then apply a thin layer of adhesive to the skin and base, and blow dry until very tacky. Next, press the hair system onto the skin and hold firmly for 10 seconds. Do not swim, work out, or shampoo for at least 24 hours.



Acrylic Adhesive, Isopropanol, Ethyl Acetate, Heptane, Toluene



Close cap tightly. Do not breath fumes. Store below 90 degrees. Test on a small area before use. 

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