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    Reference: FLW1468

    This beach-wavy glueless wig for beginners has a beautiful, undetectable hairline. It is made with ethically sourced premium 100% Remy virgin human hair for top quality. The wet and wavy human hair wig offers an elastic band and combs for security.

    • Holds Curls Well 
    • Cap sizes: Petite, Small, Average
    • Hair density:  150%
    • Pre-plucked hairline 
    • Bleached Knots
    • 6-inch parting area
    • 3 combs & adjustable strap 
    • Processing time 15 days
    Size Guide
    Size Guide
    MEASURE Petite Small Average
    Circumference 20.5 21.0 22.0
    Front to Back  12.5 13.5 14.5
    Ear to Ear 10.5 10.5 11

    MEASURE Petite Small Average
    Circumference 21.0 21.5 22.0-22.5
    Front to Back  13.5 14.0 14.5
    Ear to Ear 11.5 12 12

    MEASURE Petite Small Average
    Circumference 21.0 21.5 22.0-22.5
    Front to Back  13.5 14.0 14.5
    Ear to Ear 11.5 12 12

    Here's a guide on how to measure for a wig:

    What You'll Need:

    A flexible measuring tape


    1. Head Circumference: This is the most critical measurement. Place the end of the measuring tape at the center of your forehead hairline. Wrap the tape around your head, going behind your ears, reaching the nape of your neck (the area where the base of your skull meets your neck), and then back to the starting point at your forehead. Keep the tape comfortably snug but not tight.

    2. Front-to-Back Head Measurement: This measurement can help ensure a good fit, especially for wigs with deeper caps. Measure from the center of your forehead hairline straight down to the nape of your neck.

    3. Ear-to-ear measurement: This measurement can also be helpful for fit, particularly for broader head shapes. Place the tape on one temple at the hairline and bring it across the head to the other temple at the hairline.
      • As Pictured
      • (PW) 10 inches
      • (PW) 12 inches
      • (PW) 14 inches
      • (PW) 16 inches
      • (PW) 18 inches
      • (PW) 20 Inches
      • (PW) 22 Inches
      • As Pictured
      • Auburn - No. 2 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Auburn - No. 3 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Auburn - No. 4 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Auburn - No. 5 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Black - No. 1 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Black - No. 2 - Processing Time 10 days
      • Brown - No. 1 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Brown - No. 2 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Brown - No. 3 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Brown - No. 4 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Brown - No. 5 - Processing Time 10 Days
      • Brown - No. 6 - Processing Time 10 days
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      What are glueless wigs and why would you want one? Glueless wigs are exactly what they sound like - wigs that don't require glue to stay on your head. They usually come with some sort of built-in mechanism, like combs or straps, that help to keep them in place. The major benefit of wearing a glueless wig is they're easy to put on and take off and very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

      What are the Benefits of Glueless Wigs for Beginners

      Our glueless, lace front wig, is not only durable and allows you to make adjustments without any wig glue or adhesive, it's great for sporting low and messy ponytails. We often recommend our glueless wig caps to women who prefer the convenience of removing their wig at night as applying and removing it is easy. If you purchase one of our glueless, lace front wigs, you will enjoy the following:

      • 6 inches of Swiss lace from the forehead to the crown, allowing you to part your wig in multiple directions.
      • A stretchable and comfortable cap style with fine hand-tied wefts hand-knotted into the lace cap.
      • 2 strategically placed combs on either side of your temple alongside adjustable straps and a black elastic band to keep it secure.
      • Pre-cut baby hairs that are expertly designed to frame your face for a natural-looking hairline.

      How to put on glueless wigs for beginners

      Putting on a wig can seem like a daunting task but they don't require any special skills or tools to apply. Follow these simple steps and you'll be ready to rock your new look in no time.

      1. First, start with clean, dry hair. If you have any oils or product build-up on your scalp, it will make it harder for the wig to stay in place.

      2. Next, brush your hair back into a neat ponytail or bun. If your hair is particularly long or thick, you may want to secure it with bobby pins. Then, put on a wig cap. This will help to keep your hair in place and create a smooth surface for the wig to cover

      When it comes to applying your wig without glue, we suggest using our handy, velvet wig grip band to better secure your wig in place.

      To use our velvet wig grip band, all you have to do is
      view this short video:

      How to Care for Your Wavy, Glueless Wig For Beginners

      Taking care of your wig doesn't have to be a hassle. With a few simple steps, you can keep your wig looking great and lasting longer.

      Here's what you need to do:

      1. Brush your wig regularly with a soft-bristled brush to prevent tangles and keep it looking smooth.
      2. When you're not wearing your wig, store it on a mannequin head or in a protective bag to keep it from getting dusty or tangled.
      3. Deep condition your wig every few weeks to keep it hydrated and looking its best.

      Product Details

      Data sheet

      Bleached Knots
      Cap Construction
      HD Lace Front Wig
      Lace Type
      HD Brown Lace Color
      Model Color
      Brown - No. 1
      Model Length
      16 inches
      Texture Behavior
      Texture stays the same after washing.
      Styling Versatility
      Parting any direction in the top
      Styling Time
      7 minutes
      Processing Time
      15 Days
      Return Policy
      Custom Made Product Not Eligible for Returns
      Color Group
      Brown & Black