Excellent Service
From order to front door 10 days! As usual great quality. Thank you
  • Submitted By: Tatyana
  • Submitted Date: 22 February 2021
Las finas pelucas de encaje nos hicieron sentir a mí y a mi amigo como familia durante este proceso. Cuando tratas con alguien con cáncer, hay necesidades especiales que no hemos pensado. Catina nos educó sobre esto y nos cogió de la mano durante todo el proceso. Su comprensión y compasión ponen a esta compañía por encima de cualquier otra persona.
  • Submitted By: Fred
  • Submitted Date: 15 May 2014
Fine Lace Wigs made me and my friend feel like family during this process. When you deal with someone with cancer there are special needs to be met that we didn't even think of. Catina educated us on this and held our hand throughout the whole process. Her understanding and compassion put this company above anyone else.
  • Submitted By: Marek
  • Submitted Date: 15 May 2014