Medium Length Curly Wigs | Allison

Meet Allison, by Fine Lace Wigs, featured in  14-inches · Natural Darkest Brown Color · 150% Density · Medium Fullness

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Seletct from a variety of cap construction design for lace wigs for women.

Understanding the differences in lace wig cap construction helps you determine what type of wig will best suit your lifestyle. While there are many different types of wig caps, we stock HD 6" multi-directional parting lace front wigs, 5.5" standard swiss lace front wigs, Full Hand-tied wigs, and  Glueless Lace Wigs. Additional cap options are available by custom order.

Hair length chart

Hair is measured prior to the application of texture. 

How to measure your head for a custom wig size

Fine Lace Wigs lace stock cap sizes range from petite to large cap size wigs. Lace front wigs typically are true to size however the glueless wig cap gives lots of grace if you are between sizes due to the stretch material.

HUman Hair Wigs

Ombre Hair curly hari wigs

Fine Lace Wigs curly color options are preselected to keep your tresses healthy after we combine color and curl application.  Color & Curl application requires seven days. 

  • Natural Color

    Burnette Rich Dark Flowing Natural Brown Hair Color Wigs

    Select this Natural Rich Dark Brown brunette hair color for a stunning look.  Natural Color Brown Human Hair wigs may be colored to add highlight, ombre and more.

  • #1 - Jet Black

    Dare to be bold with a deep beautiful Jet black hair color wig shade

    Jet Balck. The Darkest Shade of hair color. Tip: Using a non-toxic hair dye shampoo every six weeks will keep your tresses bold and luxurious. Allow 7 days for color application. 

  • #1b - Off Black

    Beautiful Rich Off Black Hair Color Wigs

    Off Black.  We call this color black/brown.  Off black hair color lacks the intensity of jet black hair while offering red undertones of natural hair color. Off black does not fade easily, Allow 7 days for color application.

  • #2 - Espresso

    Expresso Hair Color Wigs

    Espresso.  We call this color true brown. #2 is a rich dark brunette hair color with cool ash tones.  If you love dark rich tones of brown this is the color of you. Allow 7 days for color application.

  • #4 - Chestnut

    Medium Brown Chestnut color human hair wigs

    Chestnut.  The chestnut hair color is a reddish shade of brown hair.  In contrast to #2, Chestnut is lighter and offers a higher blend of reddish-brown hues. Allow 7 days for color application.

  • #30 - Auburn

    Natural Beautiful Auburn Color Hair Wigs of the highest quality

    Medium Auburn. This natural red shade of auburn is also known as dark ginger. In contrast, to our chestnut hair color, the medium reddish shade of Auburn is lighter. Allow 7 days for color application.

  • Ombre Demi

    Ombre Color with Highlights

    Demi Ombre brings face-framing highlight and a subtle ombre.  Natural dark brown hair color with medium auburn highlights and tips. Allow 7 days for color application.


 hair density chart

Density tells how concentrated or crowded something is.  You may have heard of population density, well in terms of Lace wigs we reference how many hairs are inserted per square inch of the lace. The closer the hairs are added determines how dense/full the hair system appears. All of Fine Lace Wigs hair systems start with lower density at the hairline and gradually increase to your overall desired fullness.

100 Hairline increases to 130
100 hairline increases to 150
100 hairline increases to 180

lace wigs with baby hair

Wispy Bangs Or Baby Hair

Keep it or Let it go?

We can’t call it!  Some people use a few fine strands of hair as thin bangs,  others reference it as baby hair and some do not want it to be there at all. There is no right or wrong answer, What’s your preference?

Bleached knot wigs hide the small knots used to make the hair systems

What is a knot and why should I bleach it?


Tresses are looped and secured to the cap by tying knots in the hair onto the lace. Although each of these knots is small, they are visible and the darker hair has more noticeable knots. Some people like to apply makeup inside the cap to hide them or choose to have the knots bleached. Please note that bleaching services can only be applied to hair ordered in natural color.

The elastic wig band keeps your wig in place without tape or glue.

What is a wig elastic Band?   The best way to explain how the Elastic Band works would be to compare it to a bra strap.  Just position properly, hook the strap for comfort and it magically keeps everything just where it is supposed to be just like a bra strap.  This option is helpful to millions of wig wearer but if you find you do not like the strap it can be easily removed.

Order shipping

Need it by a certain date?  Let us know and we confirm within 24 hours if we can accommodate your request.


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Switch it up with one of our Medium Length Wigs for their full, luscious curls.

Every woman loves the power of choice and we are pleased our online wig shop has a nice selection of medium length curly wigs to offer.  The flowing luxury tresses are featured in beautiful natural color with a fine 100% density realistic hairline and undetectable bleached knots.

Allison is right in the middle of the curly world with her shoulder-length locks.  When you are torn between the upkeep of a small coil and not sure if you want to roller set a big curl, this medium length curly wig is a good option.

About Our Curly Medium Length Wigs

We only use 100% real virgin human hair to create our curly medium length wigs.  We roll the hair with rods and set the texture with a steaming process to lock in the S-shaped curls. The process to create a curly mid-length wig takes 5 days to ship.

All of our human hair wigs are available in the various comfort-fit caps. If you are not sure what cap is best for you, please click the cap option tab to view the pros and cons of our in-stock caps.

We also provide various color options. Select from our stock color options.  Please note, color services are provided based on a pretested formula, therefore, we are only able to color your lace wig to the color option that appears when making your product selections.

Beautiful Medium Length Curly Wig


Curly human hair demands a high commitment to deep hydration.

Keep Your Medium Length Curly Wig Moisturized 

Allison has a type 3 hair texture. Type 3 hair curls crave moisture. If the curl is not hydrated it becomes unhappy and expands to frizz so it is very important that you understand how to keep your medium length curly wig moisturized.

We invite you to click the Curly Routine tab to review some maintenance routine suggestions and check out Shea Moisture® Manuka Honey and Yogurt product line for hydration of these curls. 

The Manuka Honey and Yogurt infuses the hair with intensive moisture, reconstructive proteins and shine-enhancing nutrients that will keep your lace wigs smooth and beautiful.  

When your medium length curly human hair wig arrives at your home, the curls will have been freshly removed from the curling rods. Pull the curls apart and shake and go. You’ll love this newfound freedom and using  Shea Moisture® products will keep your Curly Human Hair tresses in their healthy state and looking their best!

Care For Your  Curly Wig With Shea Moisture®

We Love To Help! For assistance with your Medium Length Curly Wig contact customer service at 1-888-206-1757!

Allison V-14MM-NC

Data sheet

Pictured with Baby Hair
Pictured Hair Color
Natural Dark Brown
Pictured Thickness
Full - 150% Density
Pictured Hairline
Pictured Hair Length
Africian American Women Wigs
Curly Hair

Specific References