Medical Human Hair Wigs

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About Our Hair Replacements

With an incredibly lightweight and comfortable lace front cap, you can feel confident in one of our medical human hair wigs. Whether you're seeking a new wig for short term medical hair loss or moderate to severe long term hair loss, purchasing a realistic medical wig is accessible and affordable with Fine Lace Wigs.  

Our premium medical human hair wigs feature hand-tied caps with each strand of hair individually woven into the crown of the cap to provide natural movement and allow for multi-directional parting. Most importantly, the back of the cap also has very fine hand-tied wefts which make the hair system durable and gentle on your sensitive scalp.

How to Apply Your Medical Human Hair Wig

Crafted to be effortlessly accessible to match your changing lifestyle, our medical human hair wigs come with a complimentary velvet lace grip for easy application. Wig grips are the perfect accompanying accessories as they add an extra level of comfort while preventing slippage so your hair replacement stays exactly where you want it. To apply, simply watch this wig grip tutorial and start showing off your natural-looking hair replacement in no time!

As with most of our quality wigs, this one features 100% authentic human hair for versatile styling with your choice of hair length, fullness, and color.

How to Maintain Your Human Hair Wig

When your medical human hair wig arrives at your home, it will be set in your preferred style and ready to wear straight out the box. While natural human hair front lace wigs allow for a range of versatility when it comes to styling, keep in mind that if the hair has been breached, then it still needs a commitment to hydration to maintain it's soft to the touch feel.

Maintaining the moisture of your human hair wig is easy with the BedHead Colour Goddess Shampoo & Conditioner. These products are infused with sweet almond oil to add a micro-layer of water-repelling agents on the hair to gently cleanse and moisturize without it feeling heavy. This indulgent formula contains nourishing ingredients like shea butter, Vitamin E, and keratin for strong, healthy-looking hair that retains its color and luster over many uses.


Cap Construction

Understanding the differences in lace wig cap construction helps you determine what type of wig will best suit your lifestyle. While there are many different types of wig caps, we stock HD 6" multi-directional parting lace front wigs, 5.5" standard swiss lace front wigs, Full Hand-tied wigs, and Glueless Lace Wigs. Additional cap options are available by custom order.


Cap Size

Fine Lace Wigs lace stock cap sizes range from petite to large-cap size wigs. Lace front wigs typically are true to size however the glueless wig cap gives lots of grace if you are between sizes due to the stretch material.



Density tells how concentrated or crowded something is. You may have heard of population density, well in terms of Lace wigs we reference how many hairs are inserted per square inch of the lace. The closer the hairs are added determines how dense/full the hair system appears. All of Fine Lace Wigs hair systems start with lower density at the hairline and gradually increase to your overall desired fullness.

Baby Hair

We can’t call it! Some people use a few fine strands of hair as thin bangs, others reference it as baby hair and some do not want it to be there at all. There is no right or wrong answer, What’s your preference?

Elastic Strap

What is a wig elastic Band? The best way to explain how the Elastic Band works would be to compare it to a bra strap. Just position properly, hook the strap for comfort and it magically keeps everything just where it is supposed to be just like a bra strap. This option is helpful to millions of wig wearer but if you find you do not like the strap it can be easily removed.

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