Form Multitask Leave In Lotion (12 oz.) SOLD OUT

Layering. Moisturizing. Styling.

Your style is versatile because every day is a new day. That’s why we designed Multitask to work with you in three ways: as a leave-in conditioner, daily moisturizer and style refresher. No matter what your needs are, Multitask keeps your hair hydrated and looking fresh.

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Best for

Hair that’s experiencing frizz, breakage, dryness, dullness or craving moisture.

What it does

  • Moisturizes and conditions for improved manageability.
  • Protects against breakage.
  • Preps hair for better styling.

How it works

  • A lightweight conditioner helps replenish moisture and leaves hair silky soft without building up, even when used daily.
  • A natural alternative to silicone leaves hair feeling silky and soft.
  • A natural humectant draws moisture to your hair, while natural oils restore nutrients.

How to use it

Press firmly for a fine mist spray, or press lightly to spray into hands and smooth onto hair. 
As a leave-in conditioner and style-primer, apply liberally to wet hair, smoothing down the shaft from root to tip. If you have thicker hair, you can apply in sections. If you have more fine hair with a looser texture, mist liberally over your entire head and use fingers or a comb to distribute. Follow with your FORM Styler. 
As a daily moisturizer or a style-refresher, spray over your style or spray into your hands, emulsify and massage softly onto strands.

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