Form Clarify Detoxing Shampoo (4 oz)

Wash buildup out in style.

Despite regular washing, oils and product residue can buildup on hair, preventing vital moisture from reaching your strands. Clarify is a powerful treatment shampoo that gently removes 100% of buildup in a single wash, freeing your strands to better soak up moisture.

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Best for

Hair that’s experiencing buildup from everyday residues and impurities and needs a deep wash periodically.

What it does

  • Gently removes buildup and residue from your hair and scalp without stripping your natural oils.
  • Replenishes moisture.
  • Preps your hair to soak up moisture when conditioning.

How it works

  • Our ultra-gentle, sugar-based surfactant washes away buildup and natural impurities that block moisture from penetrating your hair shaft.
  • A coconut-derived surfactant creates a luxurious foam that traps dirt and rinses it away.
  • Natural humectants, glycerin and aloe vera, attract moisture to hair.

How to use it 

Apply directly to your scalp using the applicator. Massage directly onto your scalp, then down the length of your hair. Rinse. Follow with your FORM Conditioner.

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