Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Hair Curl Defining Conditioner (12 oz)

Pantene's Truly Natural Line is a line of products designed to help manage your natural hair.  Pantene knows that your hair has a unique structure with distinctive twists & turns so hair can knot and be unmanageable. Pantene's oil-enriched Truly Natural Conditioner helps to moisturize and detangle natural hair.  The Pro-V formula helps to leave hair soft, shiny, and protected from damage.
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  • Promotes moisturized hair
  • Helps to detangle natural hair
  • Promotes shiny hair & helps prevent damage

Works with Natural Hair to Help Manage Twists & Turns by Defining Curls

  • Promotes Moisturized Hair
  • Helps to Detangle Natural Hair
  • Promotes Shiny Hair & Helps Prevent Damage
  • Oil-Enriched Formula

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