Silk Top Wig Vs Bleached Knots: Silk Top Wig Vs Bleached Knots: Which is Better?Which is Better?

Silk Top Wig vs Bleached Knots

Silk top wigs and wigs with bleached knots are trying to do the same thing: make the wig hair look as real and natural as possible. Both these methods make the wig hair appear as though it's growing out of the wearer's scalp.

But they do this in different ways and have their own advantages and disadvantages. To better understand these methods, you have to understand a little bit about lace wigs.

What Are Knots?

A tiny knot attaches every strand of hair on a lace wig. This knot is what keeps it secure and prevents it from falling out.

Though each of these knots is small, they are also visible when they're all lumped together on one wig. Picture a bunch of tiny seeds at the base of each individual hair. The darker the hair, the more noticeable the knot.

Now, remember, these knots are noticeable, but they're also very small. Some people don't mind the knots. Other people can't stand them and want to do everything they can to keep them from standing out.

That's where silk top wigs and bleaching knots come in.

What to Know About Bleaching Knots

Bleaching the knots of your wig make them brighter. This makes the knots harder for people to see and gives the illusion they are growing out of your head. However, there are some limitations to this method.

When you bleach dark brown hair, the knots change to a lighter shade or brown. But this can be difficult if the hair is too dark. In fact, it's impossible to bleach the knots of jet black wigs.

If your wig doesn't come with bleached knots, you might have trouble bleaching them yourself. Bleaching the knots can also weaken the lace wig and lead to premature shedding. Should you ever need to bleach knots on your own, make sure you look up proper instructions first.

You don't need to bleach the roots of light wigs, like shades or blonde or light brown, at all.

What Are Silk Top Wigs?

Instead of bleaching the knots, a silk top wig covers the knots in a layer of silk. the silk covers the knots and blends into your scalp. This makes the hair look like it's attached to your head rather than a wig.

How does this work?

The hair knots tie to the lace wig like normal, but each strand of hair is injected through the silk. This traps the knots between two layers of the wig, making them invisible.

So Silk Top Wig vs Bleached Knots: Which is Better?

A silk top wig hides the knots better and makes the wig hair look more natural than any other method. This type of wig also removes the need to bleach the knots at all, which can be a complicated process.

Are you interested in buying a silk top wig? Make sure you take a look at some of our options.

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