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Bob Style Wigs

Human Hair Bob Wigs

Our high-quality bob wigs are available in lengths 10 to 14 inches. Our lace front bob wigs come in various styles to fit your desired look. Whether you want a sleek and sophisticated style or a fun and flirty one, we have it all.



Discover our collection of high-quality bob-style wigs

  • Blunt Bob: The blunt bob gives a sharp, sleek look with its blunt ends, perfect for straight or slightly wavy hair.
  • Layered Bob: With layers adding volume and texture, the layered bob is ideal for those with fine hair or looking to liven up their locks.
  • A-Line Bob: Flattering for most face shapes, the A-line bob is shorter in the back and longer in the front, great for balancing out wider foreheads.
  • Angled Bob: This angled bob adds edge and intrigue. It features one side longer than the other, spicing up the classic bob.
  • Short Bob: This short, low-maintenance choice sits above the chin, offering an easy-to-care-for style.
  • Long Bob (Lob): For a bob without going too short, the lob falls on or below the shoulders, providing versatility and style.
  • Sleek Bob: Achieving a polished look, the sleek bob is straight and smooth, perfect for a put-together appearance.
  • Choppy Bob: Adding texture and volume, the bob boasts blunt ends cut at varying lengths, creating a dynamic look.
  • Wavy Bob: Embracing natural waves, the wavy bob is a textured option for those with wavy hair or seeking some added dimension.
  • Curly Bob: Styled with curls, the curly bob is a fantastic choice for those with naturally curly hair, offering a playful and stylish look.