Curly Hair Collection

Our  Curly  hair is simply beautiful!  These lovely tresses  maintain curls when water is applied.  Hairs  can be blow dried, flat ironed or curled for styling.  Our most popular item in this collection is our curly wigs, Clients love our gorgeous Real Human Hair wigs!    

Starting at $255.00

 THIS TEXTURE IS AVAILABLE IN BRAZILIAN, CHINESE, INDIAN AND MALAYSIAN Our Candy Curls Front Lace Curly Hair Wigs are created using 100% Candy Curl Human Hair with only the best hair. is set on being the only source where this type of quality can be found.  Our Candy Curls Front Lace Wigs texture is created using only the best in steaming processing. That is right, only steam creates this lovely look!  When selecting your...

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