Human Hair Lace Wigs

What is a Human Hair Lace Wig?  

Human Hair + Lace + a Wig = The most undetectable wig for women! Lace Wigs offer multi-directional parting, natural hairlines, versatility and best of all a solution for women seeking both discretion and a beautiful wig.

What makes our lace wigs so sought after? Micro irregularity hairline design. WHAT?! Yes, this is the name for the beautiful tweezing artistry perfected on youtube. Simply put, the wig looks good because it has the appearance of a natural hairline. The hairline is usually a dead give away for many lace wig wearers; however, we have taken the technology of micro irregularity design used in performing hair transplants to create a wig you can wear straight out to the box. We offer bleached knot wigs with natural hairlines!   

Our vast selection of human hair lace wigs are perfect for any occasion and we offer several hair origins too. We make only the highest quality human hair wigs. Whether you are looking for some color to spice up your look, something elegant for that special engagement or looking for a natural wig to complement your hair, our human hair lace wigs collection is sure to have something for everyone!

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